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Pronounce Crown as K R OW W N.

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Phonetic transcription for crown

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of crown: | kroʊwn |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of crown: | crɒwn |

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Meanings for crown

a wreath or band for the head, especially one given as reward of victory or mark of honor


the Crown (or the reigning monarch) as the symbol of the power and authority of a monarchy

"the colonies revolted against the Crown"


the part of a tooth above the gum that is covered with enamel


a wreath or garland worn on the head to signify victory

crown, diadem(noun)

an ornamental jeweled headdress signifying sovereignty


the part of a hat (the vertex) that covers the crown of the head


an English coin worth 5 shillings

crown, treetop(noun)

the upper branches and leaves of a tree or other plant

peak, crown, crest, top, tip, summit(noun)

the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

"the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the tip of Monadnock"; "the region is a few molecules wide at the summit"

pennant, crown(noun)

the award given to the champion

pate, poll, crown(noun)

the top of the head

crown, crownwork, jacket, jacket crown, cap(noun)

(dentistry) dental appliance consisting of an artificial crown for a broken or decayed tooth

"tomorrow my dentist will fit me for a crown"

crown, crest(verb)

the center of a cambered road

crown, coronate(verb)

invest with regal power; enthrone

"The prince was crowned in Westminster Abbey"

crown, top(verb)

be the culminating event

"The speech crowned the meeting"


form the topmost part of

"A weather vane crowns the building"


put an enamel cover on

"crown my teeth"

a decorative band or wreath worn about the head as a symbol of victory or honor

the crown of laurel leaves that is traditionally placed on the winner of the marathon

the position occupied by the one who comes in first in a competition

his lifelong dream of someday winning the heavyweight boxing crown

the highest part or point

covered in mud from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head

to bring to a triumphant conclusion

the Olympic Games were crowned by spectacular closing ceremonies

Example Sentences of crown

The crown prince is the one who is to succeed to the throne.

The crown of this hat is too high.

They met the crown princes of Sweden and Denmark.

On December 27th 1923, the crown prince was shot by Daisuke Namba.

The girl in the picture is wearing a crown not of gold but of flowers.

Antonyms for crown

Crown in different languages

  • تاجArabic
  • це́мяByelorussian
  • теме крона коронясвам корона коронка коронен венец кралска власт Bulgarian
  • corona capçada Catalan
  • korunka koruna temeno korunovat Czech
  • coron Welch
  • isse krone Danish
  • krone scheitel krönen kronen- German
  • κορώνα κορυφή στέμμα κορφή Greek
  • krono kroni Esperanto
  • cumbre coronar corona coronilla Spanish
  • tipp kroon hambakroon pealagi lagipea nael Estonian
  • تاج Persian
  • seppele seppel kruunata päälaki laki seppelöidä kruunu keskitie huippu perä Finnish
  • couronne lauriers sommet faîte fond couronner cime houppier milieu clef couronnement houpier French
  • baithis Irish
  • crùn, mullach, bàrr a' chinnScots Gaelic
  • coroaGalician
  • כתר, הכתירHebrew
  • ताज Hindi
  • korona megkoronáz Hungarian
  • պսակ թագ Armenian
  • kronizar, krono, kronaEsperanto
  • kóróna krúna krýna Icelandic
  • serto cocuzzolo calotta cranica incoronare chiave di volta calotta corona capsula ghirlanda cima vetta sommità centro colmo coronamento diamante Italian
  • クラウン, 頭頂, 王冠Japanese
  • გვირგვინი Georgian
  • 정수리, 왕관, 王冠Korean
  • تاج Kurdish
  • coronare corona Latin
  • KrounLuxembourgish
  • karūna Lithuanian
  • vainags kronis Latvian
  • kāmata, tāuru, tumuaki, tihi, karaunaMaori
  • теме врв круна венец краун крунски коронка навлака крунисува Macedonian
  • mahkota Malay
  • kroon kroon- hoofdband kronen midden top kroons- krans kruin koning kronen bekronen bol Dutch
  • krone isse Norwegian
  • coronaOccitan
  • szczyt korona ciemię Polish
  • coroa topo alta coroar medalha de honra cume copa Portuguese
  • carugna, curuna, crunaRomance
  • coroană încorona încununa cunună Romanian
  • маковка крона коронка пятка крон-принц венец короновать власть тулья темя коронный венчать тренд наследный корона венок вершина увенчивать макушка Russian
  • corona, curonaSardinian
  • kruna, теме, круна, temeSerbo
  • korunný korunovať temeno Slovak
  • krona, kronati, okronati, kronski, temeSlovenian
  • kurorë Albanian
  • krona hjässa tandkrona kron- Swedish
  • kirauni taji Swahili
  • taç Turkish
  • корона, тім'я, маківкаUkrainian
  • thóp mũ miện đỉnh Vietnamese
  • houpîWalloon
  • 王冠 Chinese
  • umqhele, isihloko, ukhakhayiZulu

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