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Pronounce Fold as F OW L D.

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Phonetic transcription for fold

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of fold: | foʊld |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of fold: | fɒld |

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Meanings for fold

to pleat something over onto itself

fold, crease, plication, flexure, crimp, bend(noun)

an angular or rounded shape made by folding

"a fold in the napkin"; "a crease in his trousers"; "a plication on her blouse"; "a flexure of the colon"; "a bend of his elbow"

congregation, fold, faithful(noun)

a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church

fold, folding(noun)

a geological process that causes a bend in a stratum of rock

flock, fold(noun)

a group of sheep or goats

fold, plica(noun)

a folded part (as in skin or muscle)

fold, sheepfold, sheep pen, sheepcote(noun)

a pen for sheep

fold, folding(verb)

the act of folding

"he gave the napkins a double fold"

fold, fold up, turn up(verb)

bend or lay so that one part covers the other

"fold up the newspaper"; "turn up your collar"


incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating

"Fold the egg whites into the batter"

close up, close, fold, shut down, close down(verb)

cease to operate or cause to cease operating

"The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop"

pen up, fold(verb)

confine in a fold, like sheep

fold, fold up(verb)

become folded or folded up

"The bed folds in a jiffy"

a group of people sharing a common interest and relating together socially

ready to welcome their old Liberal friend back into the fold

to lay one part over or against another part of

fold the blanket so that it will fit inside the trunk

to be unsuccessful

the business folded after just two months

Example Sentences of fold

Help me fold these blankets and put them away.

It took me several hours to fold all the clothes.

How many times have I told you to fold your clothes?

Tom took the blindfold off Mary.

Tom helped Mary fold the laundry.

Fold the paper in the middle.

Fold up the map.

Fold the napkins and put one by each plate.

Fold up your bedding.

Fold in different languages

  • vou Afrikaans
  • طوىArabic
  • дипла паство отказвам се сгъване кошара сгъвам гънка лоно прегъвам Bulgarian
  • plec plegar séc plegament doblegar Catalan
  • přeložit vrása foldovat Czech
  • sich geschlagen geben falten falzung schoß zusammenbrechen in sich zusammenfallen zusammenfalten faltung falz aussteigen faltmanöver unterheben zusammenlegen falte gemeinde nachgeben schafspferch zusammenkrachen German
  • ποίμνιο ανοίγω διπλώνω δίπλωμα μαντρί στάνη καταρρέω πτυχή πτύσσω Greek
  • doblar pliegue aprisco doblamiento corral revolver suavemente ceder doblarse cuna pasar derribarse plegar doblez redil incorporar dobladura cerca Spanish
  • تاه Persian
  • viikata taittaa mennä nurin poimu taittaminen lopettaa luovuttaa kaatua taittelu karsina sekoittaa antaa periksi laskostaa taitella taitos sulkea Finnish
  • pliage parc à moutons plier bagage laisser tomber s’écrouler plier pliure bercail s'écraser pli sein de l’Église bergerie se coucher concéder incorporer replier s’effondrer French
  • fill Irish
  • pregar, dobradura, pregadura, dobrarGalician
  • hajtás Hungarian
  • ծալել կնճիռ ծալք Armenian
  • pakka brjóta saman Icelandic
  • piegare Italian
  • 折る, 畳むJapanese
  • Korean
  • tewandin qat pêçan çemandin Kurdish
  • plicare Latin
  • whakapekaMaori
  • plooien zich gewonnen geven plooi vouwen Dutch
  • dobrar dobra dobradura Portuguese
  • îndoi plia Romanian
  • скла́дка уступа́ть скла́дывать перегиба́ть сложи́ть перегну́ть скла́дывание коша́ра уступи́ть складка Russian
  • saviti, савити, сложити, složitiSerbo
  • veck vika böja vikning fålla lägga Swedish
  • మడచు, మడత, మడతపెట్టుTegulu
  • bükmek katlamak Turkish
  • gập lại Vietnamese
  • Chinese

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