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How to say gather


Pronounce Gather as G AH T HH EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for gather

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of gather: | ɡæthɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of gather: | ɡæthɛr |

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Meanings for gather

to collect or bring things together from scattered places

gather, gathering(noun)

sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching

gather, gathering(verb)

the act of gathering something

gather, garner, collect, pull together(verb)

assemble or get together

"gather some stones"; "pull your thoughts together"

meet, gather, assemble, forgather, foregather(verb)

collect in one place

"We assembled in the church basement"; "Let's gather in the dining room"

accumulate, cumulate, conglomerate, pile up, gather, amass(verb)

collect or gather

"Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up"


conclude from evidence

"I gather you have not done your homework"

gather, pucker, tuck(verb)

draw together into folds or puckers

assemble, gather, get together(verb)

get people together

"assemble your colleagues"; "get together all those who are interested in the project"; "gather the close family members"


draw and bring closer

"she gathered her shawl around her shoulders"


look for (food) in nature

"Our ancestors gathered nuts in the Fall"

gain, gather(verb)

increase or develop

"the peace movement gained momentum"; "the car gathers speed"

to bring together in one body or place he gathered the leftovers from the table and gave them to the dog

let's gather the students and have them line up on the playground before going in from recess

to catch or collect (a crop or natural resource) for human use

late summer is when we gather the tomatoes and begin canning them for the winter

to come together into one body or place a crowd gathered around the street musician

ask the faculty to gather in the lounge for the meeting

to form an opinion or reach a conclusion through reasoning and information

I gather that, since you are back so early, she didn't want to see you?

to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass

the newspapers that had been allowed to gather on the front doorstep told thieves that the family was away on vacation

to gradually increase in

the movement gathered force as election day neared

to call into being through the use of one's inner resources or powers

gathered the strength to finish the marathon

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Example Sentences of gather

I gather you were hurt.

I gather you were unsuccessful.

It was his job to gather eggs.

The captain ordered his men to gather at once.

We have to gather information.

The workers like to gather in a pub where they can let their hair down.

Gather the papers and bring them here.

Can you gather all of the papers together?

The berries were ripening almost as fast as we could gather them.

Gather your toys together.

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Antonyms for gather

dispel disperse dissipate scatter break up disband disperse split (up) decrease (in) lose

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Gather in different languages

  • versamel Afrikaans
  • جَمَعَArabic
  • toplamaq, yığmaqAzerbaijani
  • збіраць, сабрацьByelorussian
  • събирам събера Bulgarian
  • recollir Catalan
  • sebrat sbírat shromažďovat shromáždit Czech
  • бьратиserbian
  • samle Danish
  • versammeln sammeln German
  • μαζεύω συγκεντρώνω Greek
  • kolekti kunveni Esperanto
  • colegir juntar recoger acumular reunir Spanish
  • kogunema koguma Estonian
  • جمع کردن Persian
  • kerätä vekittää kerääntyä tihentää koota täyttyä kokoontua päätellä ymmärtää Finnish
  • rassembler déduire recueillir French
  • dlúthaigh Irish
  • trusScots Gaelic
  • אסףHebrew
  • इकट्ठा करना Hindi
  • összeszed gyűjt összegyűjt Hungarian
  • միանալ հավաքել Armenian
  • mengumpulkan Indonesian
  • safna Icelandic
  • ammassare presupporre radunarsi raccogliersi presumere raccogliere dedurre cogliere ammucchiare collezionare accumulare Italian
  • 集める, 収集Japanese
  • შეკრება Georgian
  • жинауKazakh
  • ប្រមូលCambodian
  • 모으다, 수집Korean
  • жыйноо, чогултууKirghiz
  • colligō Latin
  • surinkti Lithuanian
  • savākt Latvian
  • kāpui, pōteteMaori
  • собира собере Macedonian
  • цуглуулахMongolian
  • samle
  • verzamelen bijeenkomen Dutch
  • samle
  • samle Norwegian
  • reculhirOccitan
  • zbierać zgromadzić zebrać gromadzić Polish
  • reunir coligir congregar coletar juntar colecionar Portuguese
  • huñuchiyQuechua
  • culege colecta conchide aduna Romanian
  • собрать собирать аккумулировать Russian
  • okupljati, прибрати, okupiti, окупљати, pribrati, окупитиSerbo
  • zbierať zebrať Slovak
  • zbirati, zbratiSlovenian
  • mbledh Albanian
  • samla Swedish
  • ҷамъ карданTajik
  • รวบรวมThai
  • ýygnamak, ýygmak, çöplemek, toplanmakTurkmen
  • toplamak biriktirmek derlemek toplanmak almak çıkarsamak çıkarmak buluşmak Turkish
  • збирати, зібратиUkrainian
  • toʻplanmoq, yigʻmoqUzbek
  • tham gia tụ tập tập hợp Vietnamese

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