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Meanings for regular

usual; normal

regular, habitue, fixture(noun)

a regular patron

"an habitue of the racetrack"; "a bum who is a Central Park fixture"


a soldier in the regular army


a dependable follower (especially in party politics)

"he is one of the party regulars"


a garment size for persons of average height and weight


in accordance with fixed order or procedure or principle

"his regular calls on his customers"; "regular meals"; "regular duties"

regular(a), veritable(a)(adj)

often used as intensifiers

"a regular morass of details"; "a regular nincompoop"; "he's a veritable swine"


conforming to a standard or pattern

"following the regular procedure of the legislature"; "a regular electrical outlet"


regularly scheduled for fixed times

"at a regular meeting of the PTA"; "regular bus departures"


in accord with regular practice or procedure

"took his regular morning walk"; "her regular bedtime"

even, regular(adj)

occurring at fixed intervals

"a regular beat"; "the even rhythm of his breathing"

regular, steady(adj)

relating to a person who does something regularly

"a regular customer"; "a steady drinker"


(used of the military) belonging to or engaged in by legitimate army forces

"the regular army"


(of solids) having clear dimensions that can be measured; volume can be determined with a suitable geometric formula

unconstipated, regular(adj)

not constipated

even, regular(adj)

symmetrically arranged

"even features"; "regular features"; "a regular polygon"


not deviating from what is normal

"her regular bedtime"


officially full-time

"regular students"

appearing or occurring repeatedly from time to time

what with one or another of our pets having problems, we've been regular visitors at the animal hospital

following a set method, arrangement, or pattern

he's followed a regular schedule for almost 20 years: up by 5, in bed by 10

following or agreeing with established form, custom, or rules

thought about having a nontraditional wedding but in the end went with a regular ceremony instead

having no exceptions or restrictions

your room is a regular sty, and you need to clean it before you can go to the movies

having or showing the qualities associated with the members of a particular group or kind tantrums aren't his regular behavior

was just a regular guy who preferred hanging out with friends

a person engaged in military service

throughout the war, the regulars were supplemented by corps of volunteers and militiamen

someone who regularly spends time in a particular place

the coffeehouse regulars were put out by the interlopers occupying their usual table

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Example Sentences of regular

I have an irregular pulse.

The bartender told me you were a regular here.

Is there regular bus service to the town?

There is no regular boat service to the island.

They guaranteed regular employment to their workers.

In addition to his regular job, he has a lot of other activities.

In addition to taking the regular tests, we have to hand in a long essay.

Tom is a regular blood donor.

This is the regular procedure.

The volcano erupts at regular intervals.

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Synonyms for regular

repair fixity fastness fixture mending fixing mend fixedness secureness reparation habitue fix even regular(a) unconstipated veritable(a) steady level(p) fifty fifty tied(p) unbendable steadfast stiff unshakable unfaltering unwavering unfluctuating firm uniform weak normal ceaseless constant continual continuous incessant invariable perpetual unbroken unceasing uninterrupted unremitting unvarying customary ordinary orderly stated recurrent periodical systematic methodic established recognized formal symmetrical certain methodical just according to rule periodic settled regularly scheduled routine periodically regulate usual ordinario frequent frequently mainstream standard habitual periodicals regulars fair regulating conventional plain repeated neat organized systematized ceremonial ceremonious orthodox absolute all out arrant blank blooming bodacious categorical categoric clean complete consummate cotton picking crashing damn damned dead deadly definite downright dreadful flat flat out out and out outright perfect plumb profound pure rank sheer simple stark stone straight out thorough thoroughgoing total unadulterated unalloyed unconditional unmitigated unqualified utter very archetypal archetypical average characteristic representative true typical dogface fighter legionary legionnaire man at arms serviceman soldier trooper warrior denizen familiar frequenter habitué haunter rat

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Regular in different languages

  • عاديArabic
  • pravidelný normální obyčejný Czech
  • fast regelmæssig almindelig normal Danish
  • regelmäßig regulär gewöhnlich normal stammgast stammgästin German
  • συχνός συχνό συχνή κοινή κοινός κανονικό κανονική συνηθισμένο κανονικός συνηθισμένη κοινό συνηθισμένος Greek
  • regula Esperanto
  • regular Spanish
  • säännöllinen kanta-asiakas vakioasiakas Finnish
  • régulier habitué habituées habituée habitués French
  • rialta Irish
  • cunbhalach, riaghailteachScots Gaelic
  • רגילHebrew
  • rendes szabályos Hungarian
  • atur Indonesian
  • regolare cliente Italian
  • קָבוּעַformer Hebrew
  • 規則, [[規則]][[動詞]]Japanese
  • 정식의, 일반Korean
  • legitimus legitima rectus Latin
  • regelméissegLuxembourgish
  • မှန်Burmese
  • regelmatig regelmatige vaste gewoon gewone vast stamgast Dutch
  • regularny Polish
  • regular Portuguese
  • ча́стый регуля́рный пра́вильный постоя́нный норма́льный обы́чный клие́нт завсегда́тай клие́нтка Russian
  • regelbunden stamgäst Swedish
  • düzenli Turkish
  • 定期 Chinese

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