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Meanings for carry

to transport or move something


the act of carrying something

transport, carry(verb)

move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one's hands or on one's body

"You must carry your camping gear"; "carry the suitcases to the car"; "This train is carrying nuclear waste"; "These pipes carry waste water into the river"

carry, pack, take(verb)

have with oneself; have on one's person

"She always takes an umbrella"; "I always carry money"; "She packs a gun when she goes into the mountains"

impart, conduct, transmit, convey, carry, channel(verb)

transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

"Sound carries well over water"; "The airwaves carry the sound"; "Many metals conduct heat"

carry, convey, express(verb)

serve as a means for expressing something

"The painting of Mary carries motherly love"; "His voice carried a lot of anger"


bear or be able to bear the weight, pressure,or responsibility of

"His efforts carried the entire project"; "How many credits is this student carrying?"; "We carry a very large mortgage"

hold, carry, bear(verb)

support or hold in a certain manner

"She holds her head high"; "He carried himself upright"

hold, bear, carry, contain(verb)

contain or hold; have within

"The jar carries wine"; "The canteen holds fresh water"; "This can contains water"


extend to a certain degree

"carry too far"; "She carries her ideas to the extreme"

carry, extend(verb)

continue or extend

"The civil war carried into the neighboring province"; "The disease extended into the remote mountain provinces"


be necessarily associated with or result in or involve

"This crime carries a penalty of five years in prison"


win in an election

"The senator carried his home state"


include, as on a list

"How many people are carried on the payroll?"

behave, acquit, bear, deport, conduct, comport, carry(verb)

behave in a certain manner

"She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"

stock, carry, stockpile(verb)

have on hand

"Do you carry kerosene heaters?"

carry, run(verb)

include as the content; broadcast or publicize

"We ran the ad three times"; "This paper carries a restaurant review"; "All major networks carried the press conference"

dribble, carry(verb)

propel, "Carry the ball"

"dribble the ball"


pass on a communication

"The news was carried to every village in the province"


have as an inherent or characteristic feature or have as a consequence

"This new washer carries a two year guarantee"; "The loan carries a high interest rate"; "this undertaking carries many dangers"; "She carries her mother's genes"; "These bonds carry warrants"; "The restaurant carries an unusual name"


be conveyed over a certain distance

"Her voice carries very well in this big opera house"


keep up with financial support

"The Federal Government carried the province for many years"


have or possess something abstract

"I carry her image in my mind's eye"; "I will carry the secret to my grave"; "I carry these thoughts in the back of my head"; "I carry a lot of life insurance"


be equipped with (a mast or sail)

"This boat can only carry a small sail"

carry, persuade, sway(verb)

win approval or support for

"Carry all before one"; "His speech did not sway the voters"


compensate for a weaker partner or member by one's own performance

"I resent having to carry her all the time"


take further or advance

"carry a cause"


have on the surface or on the skin

"carry scars"


capture after a fight

"The troops carried the town after a brief fight"

post, carry(verb)

transfer (entries) from one account book to another


transfer (a number, cipher, or remainder) to the next column or unit's place before or after, in addition or multiplication

"put down 5 and carry 2"


pursue a line of scent or be a bearer

"the dog was taught to fetch and carry"


bear (a crop)

"this land does not carry olives"


propel or give impetus to

"The sudden gust of air propelled the ball to the other side of the fence"

carry, hold(verb)

drink alcohol without showing ill effects

"He can hold his liquor"; "he had drunk more than he could carry"


be able to feed

"This land will carry ten cows to the acre"


have a certain range

"This rifle carries for 3,000 feet"


cover a certain distance or advance beyond

"The drive carried to the green"


secure the passage or adoption (of bills and motions)

"The motion carried easily"


be successful in

"She lost the game but carried the match"


sing or play against other voices or parts

"He cannot carry a tune"

have a bun in the oven, bear, carry, gestate, expect(verb)

be pregnant with

"She is bearing his child"; "The are expecting another child in January"; "I am carrying his child"

to support and take from one place to another

each camper must be able to carry his or her own backpack

to wear or have on one's person

I always carry a camera with me so as to never miss a great shot

to bring before the public in performance or exhibition

all of the television networks will carry the president's speech

to have as part of a whole

the idea of equality carries with it a number of other concepts

to hold up or serve as a foundation for

erected a trellis to carry the vine

to receive as return for effort

carried off the award for best picture of the year

to manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way

during that difficult time the grieving parents carried themselves with unfailing grace and dignity

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Example Sentences of carry

Let me carry it.

I can carry that.

Carry this for me.

I can carry that for you.

I can carry my own weight.

I had to carry Tom to bed.

Can you help me carry this?

I had the boy carry my bag.

I had to carry Tom upstairs.

Can I carry this on the plane?

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Synonyms for carry

ravish ship transfer delight comport dribble pack have a bun in the oven impart enthrall behave run sway take post expect channelize deport extend enthral channelise enrapture channel transport stock hold enchant acquit convey persuade conduct transmit contain express gestate send stockpile bear require read occupy subscribe to rent withdraw lead ingest pile deal assume have choose study learn fill bundle necessitate consume tamp drive demand consider need load down pick out claim jam backpack adopt compact remove mob lease take on take up bring wad strike use up select train make throng get get hold of exact take away contract call for take in submit take aim shoot aim film tamp down direct charter subscribe involve acquire look at postulate hire accept guide admit engage ask canalise beam add communicate fetch pass on give bestow broadcast leave air contribute carry on canalize lend verbalize show verbalise evince give tongue to state utter press out extract hold in declare view as book concur maintain moderate sustain take over retain nurse defy support turn out guard prevail adjudge endure withstand tolerate deliver accommodate curb control stomach harbour birth check hold back stick out brook take hold go for deem obtain apply bind stand have got pay entertain restrain keep give birth concord keep back oblige throw arrest wear suffer hold up take for harbor abide defend put up confine agree reserve digest yield halt obligate incorporate stop comprise turn back continue poke out gallop protract stretch out draw out offer put out widen go stretch stretch forth pass hold out reach out unfold exsert expand cover prolong strain broaden exile act assoil extradite do exculpate expatriate clear discharge exonerate stock up sprout buy in course operate work scat run away turn tail range function lam hunt flow melt down track down break away head for the hills fly the coop incline bunk take to the woods draw consort execute feed play scarper hightail it lean die hard race escape run for be given hunt down persist ladder bleed black market campaign tend move melt ply unravel slaver drool drip slabber slobber filter drivel drop trickle rock swing shake stake place mail station brand conceptualize look await conceptualise wait conceive anticipate travel supply lift TOTE WAFT FETCH urge impel push forward accomplish effect gain secure compass bring about bear up imply import signify carrying porter portage transporting cart ferry haul lug tote mount present stage comprehend embrace encompass entail include number subsume bolster brace buttress prop (up) shore (up) stay undergird underpin uphold attain bag bring in capture come by earn garner knock down land procure pull down realize reap win demean quit

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Antonyms for carry

exclude leave (out) miss out omit forfeit lose

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Carry in different languages

  • tragen German
  • llevar Spanish
  • porter French
  • ले जाना Hindi
  • visz Hungarian
  • membawa Indonesian
  • trasportare Italian
  • 나르다Korean
  • portandum Latin
  • transportar Portuguese
  • нести Russian
  • bära Swedish
  • తీసుకుTegulu
  • taşımak Turkish

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