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Meanings for pitch

the degree of highness or lowness used in a musical performance


the property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration

pitch, delivery(noun)

(baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter


a vendor's position (especially on the sidewalk)

"he was employed to see that his paper's news pitches were not trespassed upon by rival vendors"

sales talk, sales pitch, pitch(noun)

promotion by means of an argument and demonstration

pitch, rake, slant(noun)

degree of deviation from a horizontal plane

"the roof had a steep pitch"

pitch, tar(noun)

any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue

pitch, pitch shot(noun)

a high approach shot in golf

pitch, auction pitch(noun)

an all-fours game in which the first card led is a trump

lurch, pitch, pitching(noun)

abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance)

"the pitching and tossing was quite exciting"


the action or manner of throwing something

"his pitch fell short and his hat landed on the floor"

flip, toss, sky, pitch(verb)

throw or toss with a light motion

"flip me the beachball"; "toss me newspaper"

lurch, pitch, shift(verb)

move abruptly

"The ship suddenly lurched to the left"


fall or plunge forward

"She pitched over the railing of the balcony"


set to a certain pitch

"He pitched his voice very low"

peddle, monger, huckster, hawk, vend, pitch(verb)

sell or offer for sale from place to place

slope, incline, pitch(verb)

be at an angle

"The terrain sloped down"

cant, cant over, tilt, slant, pitch(verb)

heel over

"The tower is tilting"; "The ceiling is slanting"

pitch, set up(verb)

erect and fasten

"pitch a tent"

deliver, pitch(verb)

throw or hurl from the mound to the batter, as in baseball

"The pitcher delivered the ball"


hit (a golf ball) in a high arc with a backspin


lead (a card) and establish the trump suit

gear, pitch(verb)

set the level or character of

"She pitched her speech to the teenagers in the audience"

an act or instance of diving

the daring pitch of the escaped prisoner into the swirling ocean waters at the base of the cliff

the degree to which something rises up from a position level with the horizon

the steep pitch of the roof makes it too dangerous to walk on

to fix in an upright position

needed help pitching a tent

to cast oneself head first into deep water

when a wave hit the float, I lost my balance and pitched into the lake

to make a series of unsteady side-to-side motions

the ship pitched in the choppy sea

to send through the air especially with a quick forward motion of the arm

pitched the baseball almost 50 feet

to get rid of as useless or unwanted

we decided to pitch that whole system and start over again

to provide publicity for

the cutting-edge ad agency was hired to pitch our products to a younger generation of consumers

to set or cause to be at an angle

the roof should be pitched steeply enough to prevent an excessive accumulation of snow

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Example Sentences of pitch

I chose a place to pitch my tent.

Pitch the ball to me.

This is a good place to pitch a tent.

Whose idea was it to pitch the tent here?

Do you think this is a good place to pitch the tent?

You really picked a stupid place to pitch your tent.

Everybody will have to pitch in to save the environment.

Do you really want to pitch your tent this close to the river?

Pitch the ball.

The night was pitch black.

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Synonyms for pitch

slant lurch pitch shot pitching delivery sales talk tar sales pitch auction pitch rake manner of speaking livery rescue obstetrical delivery deliverance legal transfer bringing speech saving rakehell angle roue rip blood profligate seafarer gob old salt mariner sea dog seaman stagger lunge stumble throw out toss out discard jactitate twitch flick thresh flip toss away slash tilt cant over deliver cant peddle huckster thrash tack shift gear alternate dispose switch chuck thresh about leaf cast aside cast away sky convulse riff thrash about cast out thumb chuck out riffle toss flip flop hawk set up flip over turn over incline fling throw away flip out slope throw vend interchange put away monger transfer agitate stir change prowl reel reposition keel swag budge change over careen wobble dislodge skunk haggle clear the throat higgle chaffer be given lean run tend tip weight tack together put together found prepare instal piece gear up fix establish put in put up frame entrap install arrange assemble order erect put ensnare raise lay out launch ready effect effectuate rear set rig extradite hand over surrender return save fork over fork up present have deport redeem give up turn in birth render fork out cede drive home give birth bear cast hurl degree of elevation degree measure extent range rate elevation of the key note send dart lance jaculate plant place station locate settle fall plunge brea stalls bitumen iaunch stall tone coking veld dive diagonal grade gradient inclination upgrade upend upraise sound rock roll seesaw sway wabble catapult dash fire heave hurtle lob loft peg pelt sling cashier cast (off) deep six ditch dump eighty six 86 exorcise exorcize fling (off or away) jettison junk lay by lose reject scrap shed shuck (off) slough (off) sluff (off) unload ballyhoo boost hype plug promote publicize talk up tout cock heel list

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Antonyms for pitch

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Pitch in different languages

  • pik Afrikaans
  • زفت, رميةArabic
  • сайыр, дегет, һағыҙBashkir
  • llançament llançar Catalan
  • smůla nadhoz smola hřistě rozteč Czech
  • harz wurf pech sportplatz abstand grad verkaufsgespräch teilung neigung steigung tonhöhe tonlage werfen stampfen werben bewerben wegwerfen aufschlagen tonh German
  • γήπεδο πίσσα πετάω στήνω ύψος ρίχνω Greek
  • pez declive tono campo distancia paso brea lanzamiento lanzar echar armar altura altura tonal promover plantar Spanish
  • گام Persian
  • nurmi kallistus taso pihka syöttö piki kenttä myyntipuhe jako nyökätä heittää syöttää heittää menemään mainostaa keinuttaa keinua pomppia kinostua sävelkorkeus kaupata myydä pystyttää Finnish
  • sève terrain poix laïus pas angle tangage résine lancer argument brai présentation écartement inclinaison pente hauteur donner la note French
  • teàrr, bìthScots Gaelic
  • זפתHebrew
  • पिच Hindi
  • fok gyanta köz szurok lejtés eldob ver hangmagasság Hungarian
  • titinada nada Indonesian
  • tónhæð Icelandic
  • resina servizio sostegno pendenza beccheggio pece campo promozione passo inclinazione tono servire promuovere crescere accumularsi intonazione timbro sostenere Italian
  • גובה הצלילformer Hebrew
  • ピッチJapanese
  • კუპრი ფისი Georgian
  • nipiGreenlandic
  • 피치Korean
  • pix Latin
  • hoa, tūpoupou, pūpahiMaori
  • hars worp pek verkooppraatje toonhoogte gooien werpen intoneren Dutch
  • bek Norwegian
  • smoła pole boisko żywica rzut kąt wysokość dźwięku złożyć rozbić Polish
  • seiva arremesso piche campo grau altura arremessar armar Portuguese
  • prezentare pas rășină aruncare smoală teren inclinare ton înălțime Romanian
  • дёготь тангаж дифферент смола подача подавать высота бросать бросить подать ставить тон Russian
  • smolaSerbo
  • rozstup ihrisko Slovak
  • pisë Albanian
  • beck kast plan ton kasta slänga resa tonhöjd lägga Swedish
  • மைதானம் Tamil
  • perde Turkish
  • 音高 Chinese

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