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Pronounce Answer as AH N S W EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for answer

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of answer: | ænswɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of answer: | ænswɛr |

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Meanings for answer

to give a response

answer, reply, response(noun)

a statement (either spoken or written) that is made to reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation

"I waited several days for his answer"; "he wrote replies to several of his critics"

solution, answer, result, resolution, solvent(noun)

a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem

"they were trying to find a peaceful solution"; "the answers were in the back of the book"; "he computed the result to four decimal places"


the speech act of replying to a question


the principal pleading by the defendant in response to plaintiff's complaint; in criminal law it consists of the defendant's plea of `guilty' or `not guilty' (or nolo contendere); in civil law it must contain denials of all allegations in the plaintiff's complaint that the defendant hopes to controvert and it can contain affirmative defenses or counterclaims


a nonverbal reaction

"his answer to any problem was to get drunk"; "their answer was to sue me"

answer, reply, respond(verb)

react verbally

"She didn't want to answer"; "answer the question"; "We answered that we would accept the invitation"


respond to a signal

"answer the door"; "answer the telephone"


give the correct answer or solution to

"answer a question"; "answer the riddle"

answer, resolve(verb)

understand the meaning of

"The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be answered"


give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument)

"The defendant answered to all the charges of the prosecution"


be liable or accountable

"She must answer for her actions"

suffice, do, answer, serve(verb)

be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity

"A few words would answer"; "This car suits my purpose well"; "Will $100 do?"; "A 'B' grade doesn't suffice to get me into medical school"; "Nothing else will serve"


match or correspond

"The drawing of the suspect answers to the description the victim gave"


be satisfactory for; meet the requirements of or serve the purpose of

"This may answer her needs"


react to a stimulus or command

"The steering of my new car answers to the slightest touch"

something spoken or written in reaction especially to a question

the standard answer of "Fine, thank you" when asked, "How are you?"

something attained by mental effort and especially by computation

the answers to the odd-numbered problems are at the back of the book

action or behavior that is done in return to other action or behavior

a cold stare was her withering answer to that gratuitous insult

to speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction

didn't answer right away when the detective asked him where he'd been for the last three hours

to be in agreement on every point

sorry, I haven't seen anyone answering to that description

to do what is required by the terms of

I don't have a box cutter as such, but will this knife answer the purpose?

to find an answer for through reasoning

try to answer this riddle

Example Sentences of answer

Tom, answer me!

Please answer me.

Can you answer me?

Answer my question.

Answer my questions.

I need an answer now.

I got the answer wrong.

I refuse to answer that.

My answer matches yours.

I think I can answer that.

Synonyms for answer

solvent reception solution reply response resolution reaction result closure consequence termination event firmness of purpose dissolvent upshot effect firmness final result dissolver solving resolve root dissolving agent declaration outcome resolving settlement resolvent resolving power resultant issue resoluteness resultant role respond serve react do suffice decide dissolve settle solve purpose adjudicate conclude break up dish up practice service process act function behave dish out get along serve up fare make swear out arrange coif wait on execute manage cause coiffure assist help make out perform attend exercise come coiffe serve well set practise attend to dress dish rejoinder repartee retort counter argument confutation acceptance tally counterpart vindication apology exculpation defense REPLY REJOIN say in reply make answer be accountable be responsible or liable correspond be like be similar pass be sufficient be enough do well enough pass muster be of use reply to respond to make answer to refute meet by argument or explanation satisfy fulfil be suitable to be sufficient for REJOINDER replication refutation defence responses meet responding answering replies answers svar address correction comeback return take come back rejoin riposte accord agree check chord cohere coincide comport conform consist dovetail fit go harmonize jibe rhyme rime sort square complete comply (with) fill fulfill keep redeem break crack dope (out) figure out puzzle (out) riddle (out) unravel unriddle work work out

Answer in different languages

  • antwoord Afrikaans
  • أجاب, رد, رَدٌّ, إِجَابَةٌ, جَوَابٌ, إجابةArabic
  • cavabAzerbaijani
  • яуапBashkir
  • адка́зваць, адказа́ць, адка́зByelorussian
  • отвръщам отговарям подхождам о́тговор реше́ние Bulgarian
  • উত্তরBengali
  • respontBreton
  • respondre resposta Catalan
  • жопserbian
  • rispostaCorsican
  • odpovědět odpověď Czech
  • отъвѣтъserbian
  • ateb Welch
  • svare svar Danish
  • antworten antwort lösung German
  • απαντώ ανταποκρίνομαι ανταπαντώ αποκρούω αποκρίνομαι απόκρουση λύση απάντηση απόκριση ανταπάντηση Greek
  • respondi repliko respondo Esperanto
  • servir responder contestar contestación respuesta Spanish
  • vastama vastus Estonian
  • erantzunBasque
  • جواب دادن پاسخ دادن پیواژ پاسخ جواب Persian
  • vastata vastine vastaus ratkaisu Finnish
  • svara, svarFaeroese
  • répondre solution réponse French
  • freagair freagra Irish
  • freagair, freagairtScots Gaelic
  • responder, contestar, respostaGalician
  • જવાબ, ઉત્તરGujarati
  • מענה, תשובהHebrew
  • उत्तर देना जवाब देना जवाब उत्तर Hindi
  • válaszol válasz megoldás Hungarian
  • պատասխանել պատասխան Armenian
  • responderInterlingua
  • jawab Indonesian
  • respondo, repliko, solvoEsperanto
  • ansa svara ans svar Icelandic
  • rispondere risposta Italian
  • 答える, 返事, 解答, 応答, 答え, 返答, 回答Japanese
  • პასუხობს პასუხი Georgian
  • жауапKazakh
  • ពាក្យឆ្លើយCambodian
  • 회답, 대답Korean
  • جێ به‌جێ وه‌ڵام Kurdish
  • жоопKirghiz
  • responsum Latin
  • äntweren, Léisung, ÄntwertLuxembourgish
  • ຕອບ, ຄຳຕອບLao
  • atsakymas Lithuanian
  • atbildēt atbilde Latvian
  • одговара соодветствува одговор решение о́дговор Macedonian
  • хариуMongolian
  • jawab jawaban jawapan penyelesaian Malay
  • ထူး, အဖြေBurmese
  • beantwoorden antwoorden antwoord Dutch
  • tilfredsstille svare oppfylle svar løsning Norwegian
  • respónder, respondre, responsaOccitan
  • odpowiedzieć odpowiadać odpowiedź Polish
  • responder atender resposta Portuguese
  • rispunder, respunder, raspunder, respuonderRomance
  • răspunde soluționa răspuns soluționare rezolvare soluție Romanian
  • отве́тить соотве́тствовать отвеча́ть отве́т реше́ние о́тповедь Russian
  • arraspundi, respúndiri, rispòndhere, rispònnereSardinian
  • одгово́рити, odgovóriti, јавити, о̏дгово̄р, rešénje, реше́ње, rješénje, ȍdgovōr, рјеше́њеSerbo
  • odpovedať odpoveď Slovak
  • odgovoriti, rešitev, odgovorSlovenian
  • përgjigje Albanian
  • svara svar Swedish
  • jibu jawabu Swahili
  • விடை Tamil
  • సమాధానం, పరిష్కారం, జవాబుTegulu
  • жавобTajik
  • ตอบ, คำตอบThai
  • jogapTurkmen
  • yanıt cevap Turkish
  • җавапTatar
  • відповісти́, відповіда́ти, ві́дповідьUkrainian
  • جواب دینا, جواب, اترUrdu
  • javobUzbek
  • trả lời câu trả lời Vietnamese
  • ענטפֿערYiddish

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