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Pronounce Meet as M EH EH T.

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Phonetic transcription for meet

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of meet: | mɛɛt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of meet: | mɛɛt |

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Meanings for meet

to encounter someone on purpose or accidentally

meet, sports meeting(adj)

a meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held

fitting, meet(verb)

being precisely fitting and right

"it is only meet that she should be seated first"

meet, run into, encounter, run across, come across, see(verb)

come together

"I'll probably see you at the meeting"; "How nice to see you again!"

meet, get together(verb)

get together socially or for a specific purpose

converge, meet(verb)

be adjacent or come together

"The lines converge at this point"

meet, satisfy, fill, fulfill, fulfil(verb)

fill or meet a want or need

meet, fit, conform to(verb)

satisfy a condition or restriction

"Does this paper meet the requirements for the degree?"

meet, match, cope with(verb)

satisfy or fulfill

"meet a need"; "this job doesn't match my dreams"

meet, gather, assemble, forgather, foregather(verb)

collect in one place

"We assembled in the church basement"; "Let's gather in the dining room"


get to know; get acquainted with

"I met this really handsome guy at a bar last night!"; "we met in Singapore"


meet by design; be present at the arrival of

"Can you meet me at the train station?"

meet, encounter, play, take on(verb)

contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle

"Princeton plays Yale this weekend"; "Charlie likes to play Mary"

meet, encounter, receive(verb)

experience as a reaction

"My proposal met with much opposition"

suffer, meet(verb)

undergo or suffer

"meet a violent death"; "suffer a terrible fate"

touch, adjoin, meet, contact(verb)

be in direct physical contact with; make contact

"The two buildings touch"; "Their hands touched"; "The wire must not contact the metal cover"; "The surfaces contact at this point"

meeting the requirements of a purpose or situation

in this case, splitting the winnings of the contested lottery ticket seems like a meet solution

a competitive encounter between individuals or groups carried on for amusement, exercise, or in pursuit of a prize

a swim meet

to come upon face-to-face or as if face-to-face

we never once met another car on that lonely country road

to come together into one body or place

we'll meet for dinner, with a discussion to follow, next week

to come upon unexpectedly or by chance

met her future husband at a party

to do what is required by the terms of

a financially struggling city trying to meet its loans

to enter into contest or conflict with

the up-and-coming boxer will meet the reigning champ for the first time tomorrow

to produce something equal to (as in quality or value)

I'll meet your bet, nay, I'll even raise it

to put up with (something painful or difficult)

trying to meet the challenge of going to college while working at a full-time job

to give what is owed for

I paid a portion of the long-distance bill to keep my carrier from cutting off service until I can meet the remainder of the charges

Example Sentences of meet

Meet me there.

I must meet Tom.

Meet me at 2:30.

Meet me tonight.

I have to meet Tom.

I want to meet Tom.

Meet me downstairs.

I hope we meet again.

I needed to meet you.

I wanted to meet you.

Synonyms for meet

sports meeting fitting ensure project hit interpret examine look experience get word visualise take on come upon fit assure image fancy run across go steady fulfill learn fill receive run into discover light upon escort fall upon contact pick up cope with visit collide with reckon consider happen suffer come across regard get a line get wind chance on figure take care match converge gather control ascertain come over attend date realize check go out witness attain strike chance catch forgather construe find out foregather see jar against satisfy visualize picture fulfil bump into find conform to knock against go through take in view chance upon assemble see to it butt against insure bump hear impinge on envision happen upon determine play encounter watch resonate touch understand get together realise adjoin cooperate join forces collaborate fall in join gratify carry through take replete execute make full carry out action accomplish satiate sate live up to occupy fill up follow outfit agree go equip accommodate gibe tally fit out correspond jibe suit pit rival couple equalize oppose equalise pair equate equal play off mate twin tack together put together tack pucker amass piece cumulate accumulate pull together conglomerate pile up set up tuck collect gain garner playact fiddle bet spiel act dally run flirt acquire diddle act as toy assume work make for represent take over bring recreate roleplay tackle trifle undertake accept admit wreak adopt wager invite get have incur obtain welcome digest abide tolerate lose ache support endure put up stick out stomach hurt brook stand sustain bear butt pertain concern impact stir tinge refer have to doe with abut edge get hold of border get through butt on affect relate touch on tinct bear on allude bear upon reach come to advert march partake extend to disturb tint becoming befitting beseeming comely congruous decent decorous graceful neat proper seemly suitable worthy confront engage unite coalesce suited adapted appropriate congenial come together come up to face to face meet with light on fall in with comply with encounter one another come in contact congregate muster flock together meet together respond comply achieve address meets answer meeting cover conform cater respect face honour perform discharge cope serve achieving responding met convene complete answering overcome adhere applicable apt felicitous fitted good happy pretty right bout competition contest event game matchup sweepstakes sweep stake tournament tourney chance (upon) happen (upon) stumble (upon) cluster concenter concentrate rendezvous happen (on or upon) hit (upon) light (on or upon) pitch (upon) stumble (on or onto) tumble (upon) comply (with) keep redeem battle tie absorb bide countenance hack handle pocket sweat out wear ante (up) balance clear foot liquidate pay pay off pay up pony up quit recompense settle spring (for)

Meet in different languages

  • ontmoet Afrikaans
  • يَلْتَقِي, تقابل, يلقى, يصادف, يلاقي, صادف, التقى, لاقى, اِلْتَقَى, لقيArabic
  • qarşılamaqAzerbaijani
  • сустрака́цьByelorussian
  • сре́щам Bulgarian
  • conèixer Catalan
  • potkat splnit Czech
  • cyfarfod â cwrdd cwrdd â Welch
  • opfylde mødes møde træffe Danish
  • nachkommen entsprechen treffen begegnen gerechtwerden German
  • kpe, tuEstonian
  • συναντιέμαι συναντώ γνωρίζω Greek
  • kunveni renkontiĝi renkonti Esperanto
  • llenar conocer encontrarse encontrar Spanish
  • دیدار کردن Persian
  • tavata kohdata Finnish
  • faire la connaissance donner rendez-vous rencontrer retrouver rejoindre réunir prendre en charge affronter heurter satisfaire French
  • tachairScots Gaelic
  • मिलना Hindi
  • találkozik nekiütközik megismerkedik érintkezik megfelel Hungarian
  • հանդիպել Armenian
  • temu Indonesian
  • soddisfare ottemperare incontrare conformarsi incontrarsi Italian
  • לִפְגוֹשׁformer Hebrew
  • 会う, 待ち合わせる, 遭う, お目にかかる, 遭遇Japanese
  • შეხვედრა Georgian
  • 만나다Korean
  • satisfacio coeo occurro nanciscor Latin
  • sutikti susitikti Lithuanian
  • sagaidīt Latvian
  • tūtakiMaori
  • сре́ќава Macedonian
  • møte
  • treffen leren kennen ontmoeten vervullen afspreken raken Dutch
  • møte
  • poznawać spotkać widzieć się spotykać się zobaczyć się spotkać się poznać Polish
  • encontrar satisfazer Portuguese
  • tariyQuechua
  • întâlni atinge Romanian
  • встречаться знакомиться собираться сталкиваться встречать соединиться пересекаться сходиться встреча́ть отвечать встретить встре́тить соединяться сойтись подходящий встретиться познакомиться собраться столкнуться пересечься Russian
  • срести, srestiSerbo
  • stretnúť Slovak
  • srečatiSlovenian
  • träffa lämplig passande möta uppfylla råka tillbörlig Swedish
  • kukutana Swahili
  • కలుసుకొను, ఏర్పాటుTegulu
  • หาThai
  • magtagpôTagalog
  • rastlamak karşılamak buluşmak kesişmek rastlaşmak karşılaşmak Turkish
  • зустріча́ти, зустрі́тиUkrainian
  • ملناUrdu
  • gặp Vietnamese
  • טרעפןYiddish

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