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Pronounce Decide as D EH K IY D EH.

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Phonetic transcription for decide

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of decide: | dɛkɪdɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of decide: | dɛcɪdɛ |

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Meanings for decide

to resolve or settle a problem or dispute

decide, make up one's mind, determine(verb)

reach, make, or come to a decision about something

"We finally decided after lengthy deliberations"

decide, settle, resolve, adjudicate(verb)

bring to an end; settle conclusively

"The case was decided"; "The judge decided the case in favor of the plaintiff"; "The father adjudicated when the sons were quarreling over their inheritance"


cause to decide

"This new development finally decided me!"


influence or determine

"The vote in New Hampshire often decides the outcome of the Presidential election"

to come to a judgment about after discussion or consideration

they decided to go out for pizza after the movie was over

to give an opinion about (something at issue or in dispute)

the judge decided that the defendant was not liable for damages

to come to an agreement or decision concerning the details of

we waited for our captors to decide our fate

to make final, definite, or beyond dispute

the huge sum that they were offering decided the matter: we would sell the house

to form an opinion or reach a conclusion through reasoning and information

the commanding officer decided that the soldier was indeed telling the truth

Example Sentences of decide

I have to decide what to do.

I had to decide right then and there.

I should talk to Tom before I decide what to do.

I had a feeling that Tom and Mary would decide not to buy that house.

I must decide what to do.

I cannot decide whether to go or not.

I helped Tom decide which car to buy.

I could not decide which way to choose.

They left it to me to decide on a gift.

I helped Tom decide where to put the sofa.

Antonyms for decide

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Decide in different languages

  • besluit Afrikaans
  • صمم, قررArabic
  • qərar verməkAzerbaijani
  • рашаць, рашыцьByelorussian
  • реша разрешавам решавам Bulgarian
  • স্থির করাBengali
  • decidir Catalan
  • rozhodnout rozhodovat Czech
  • beslutte afgøre Danish
  • festsetzen beschließen entscheiden German
  • αποφασίζω Greek
  • decidir resolver Spanish
  • otsustama Estonian
  • تصمیم گرفتن Persian
  • ratkaista päättää valita Finnish
  • décider French
  • suidhich air, cuir roScots Gaelic
  • decidirGalician
  • הכריעHebrew
  • फ़ैसला करना निर्णय करना Hindi
  • dönt eldönt döntést hoz Hungarian
  • որոշել վճռել Armenian
  • deciderInterlingua
  • decidere Italian
  • 決する, 決める, 解決Japanese
  • გადაწყვეტა გადაჭრა Georgian
  • шығаруKazakh
  • សម្រេចចិត្ត, តាំងចិត្តCambodian
  • 정하다, 해결하다Korean
  • чыгаруу, чечүүKirghiz
  • statuo edico decido sancio decerno constituo Latin
  • ຕັດສິນໃຈLao
  • nuspręsti Lithuanian
  • lemt Latvian
  • одлучи Macedonian
  • သန္နိဌာန်ချ, ဆုံးဖြတ်Burmese
  • besluiten beslissen Dutch
  • zdecydować decydować Polish
  • decidir Portuguese
  • decide convinge Romanian
  • решить решать Russian
  • odlúčiti, одлу́читиSerbo
  • rozhodnúť rozhodovať Slovak
  • odločitiSlovenian
  • vendos Albanian
  • besluta Swedish
  • тасмим гирифтан‍Tajik
  • ตัดสิน, ตัดสินใจThai
  • ýüregine düwmek, ýüregne düwmekTurkmen
  • karar vermek Turkish
  • вирішувати, вирішитиUkrainian
  • فیصلہ کرناUrdu
  • qasd qilmoqUzbek
  • quyết định Vietnamese

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