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Pronounce Wrong as W R OW N G.

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Phonetic transcription for wrong

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of wrong: | wroʊnɡ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of wrong: | wrɒnɡ |

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Meanings for wrong

not correct or accurate

wrong, wrongfulness(noun)

that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law

"he feels that you are in the wrong"

wrong, legal injury, damage(adj)

any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right

incorrect, wrong(adj)

not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth

"an incorrect calculation"; "the report in the paper is wrong"; "your information is wrong"; "the clock showed the wrong time"; "found themselves on the wrong road"; "based on the wrong assumptions"


contrary to conscience or morality or law

"it is wrong for the rich to take advantage of the poor"; "cheating is wrong"; "it is wrong to lie"

improper, wrong(adj)

not appropriate for a purpose or occasion

"said all the wrong things"

amiss(p), awry(p), haywire, wrong(p)(adj)

not functioning properly

"something is amiss"; "has gone completely haywire"; "something is wrong with the engine"


based on or acting or judging in error

"it is wrong to think that way"

wrong, incorrect(adj)

not in accord with established usage or procedure

"the wrong medicine"; "the wrong way to shuck clams"; "it is incorrect for a policeman to accept gifts"


used of the side of cloth or clothing intended to face inward

"socks worn wrong side out"

ill-timed, unseasonable, untimely, wrong(adj)

badly timed

"an ill-timed intervention"; "you think my intrusion unseasonable"; "an untimely remark"; "it was the wrong moment for a joke"

faulty, incorrect, wrong(verb)

characterized by errors; not agreeing with a model or not following established rules

"he submitted a faulty report"; "an incorrect transcription"; the wrong side of the road"


treat unjustly; do wrong to

incorrectly, wrongly, wrong(adverb)

in an inaccurate manner

"he decided to reveal the details only after other sources had reported them incorrectly"; "she guessed wrong"

falling short of a standard

there is something wrong with this cake—it has a funny taste

having an opinion that does not agree with truth or the facts

I'm sorry, but the latest research proves you wrong

not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation

has a knack for saying just the wrong thing

not being in agreement with what is true

her answer that Thomas Jefferson was the second president of the United States is wrong—it was John Adams, of course

not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable

was caught doing something wrong

off the desired or intended path or course

all of our carefully laid plans have gone wrong

that which is morally unacceptable

any reasonable person should be expected to know the difference between right and wrong

unfair or inadequate treatment of someone or something or an instance of this

trying to right all the wrongs in the world

Example Sentences of wrong

I took the wrong bus.

I chose the wrong one.

I was wrong about Tom.

I was wrong about you.

Am I on the wrong road?

I got on the wrong bus.

I was wrong about that.

I chose the wrong answer.

I got on the wrong train.

I went to the wrong door.

Synonyms for wrong

legal injury wrongfulness damage hurt price harm terms impairment equipment casualty scathe unseasonable untimely awry(p) incorrect improper haywire faulty ill timed wrong(p) amiss(p) unlawful unconventional premature defective falsely incorrectly wrongly injurious unfit unsuitable unjust detrimental abuse aggrieve defame defile disparage ill treat ill use impose on impose upon injure malign maltreat misemploy misuse molest oppress persecute pervert prostitute rail at ravish reproach revile ruin slander victimize vilify violate vituperate mistaken erroneous illegal inequitable immoral awry evil bad unfair not right wrongful unlit inapposite inappropriate inaccurate not true wide of the mark injustice unfairness injury trespass grievance TORT foul play violation of right error erroneously amiss improperly faultily treat unjustly do a wrong to do an injury to false misguided poorly flawed poor badly fake untrue mistake ill mistakenly crooked wrongfully inappropriately problem bastard bush bush league crummy crumby deficient dissatisfactory inferior lame lousy off paltry punk sour suboptimal subpar substandard unacceptable unsatisfactory wack wanting wretched graceless inapt incongruous indecorous inept infelicitous malapropos perverse unapt unbecoming unhappy unseemly untoward inexact invalid unsound untruthful black dark iniquitous nefarious rotten sinful unethical unrighteous unsavory vicious vile villainous wicked afield astray evildoing immorality iniquity sin villainy disservice inequity raw deal shaft unjustness

Wrong in different languages

  • خَطَأArabic
  • яңылышBashkir
  • няправільныByelorussian
  • грешен Bulgarian
  • nesprávný špatný chybný špatně křivdit Czech
  • forkert Danish
  • unrecht verkehrt ungerecht schlecht falsch unfair German
  • ακατάλληλος λάθος πλανώμαι εσφαλμένος στραβός απατώμαι κάνω λάθος ανάποδος λανθασμένος στραβά αδίκημα αδικώ κακό κρίμα βλάπτω Greek
  • malĝusta Esperanto
  • incorrecto falso equivocado malo crimen Spanish
  • غلط Persian
  • väärä sopimaton huono vika nurja tehdä vääryyttä vääryys tehdä väärin väärin väärinteko virhe Finnish
  • impropre immoral mauvais mal tort faux incorrect crime nuire léser French
  • ceàrr, eucoir, coireScots Gaelic
  • לא נכוןHebrew
  • अशुद्ध ग़लत गलत Hindi
  • rossz Hungarian
  • վատ սխալ Armenian
  • illicite, improprie, immoral, erronee, a torto, mal, incorrecte, erroneemente, incorrectementeInterlingua
  • keliru salah Indonesian
  • vera að ósiðlegur ósiðsamur rangur hafa á röngu að standa óréttur siðferðilega rangur ranglátur hafa rangt fyrir sér kolvitlaust beita ranglæti rangt gera rangt til vitlaust Icelandic
  • erroneo sbagliato scorretto errato torto Italian
  • よくない, 具合が悪くて, 悪い, 故障で, 不適当な, 不適切な, 調子が狂って, 違う, 間違う, 誤る, 間違いましたJapanese
  • 잘못된Korean
  • neprideramas nedorovingas amoralus nesąžiningas nepadorus nedoras nemoralus blogas sugedęs neteisingas nedirbantis neveikiantis netinkamas nekorektiškas klaidingas Lithuanian
  • fout verkeerd mis slecht onjuist onrecht doen aandoen misstand wantoestand foutief kwaad onbillijk beoordelen onrechtmatige daad verkeerde benadelen onrecht Dutch
  • gal uriktig feil galt vrang Norwegian
  • niewłaściwy mylny błędny źle Polish
  • impróprio inadequado errado imoral equivocado incorreto avesso injustiçar incorretamente injúria erroneamente maltratar erradamente mal erro Portuguese
  • incorect greșit Romanian
  • неправый неверный ошибочный неправильный неправильно не так Russian
  • त्रुटिपूर्णSanskrit
  • kriv, pogrješan, neispravanSerbo
  • narobeSlovenian
  • fel inkorrekt felaktig Swedish
  • సరికాని, తప్పు, తప్పుడుTegulu
  • ผิดThai
  • yanlış yersiz uygunsuz hatalı bozuk ahlaksız kötü Turkish
  • неправильнийUkrainian
  • غلطUrdu
  • không tốt không đúng xấu sai Vietnamese
  • neverätikVolapuk

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