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Meanings for feel

to notice something through touching


an intuitive awareness

"he has a feel for animals" or "it's easy when you get the feel of it";

spirit, tone, feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smell(noun)

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

"the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason"

tactile property, feel(noun)

a property perceived by touch


manual stimulation of the genital area for sexual pleasure

"the girls hated it when he tried to sneak a feel"

feel, experience(verb)

undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind

"She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"

find, feel(verb)

come to believe on the basis of emotion, intuitions, or indefinite grounds

"I feel that he doesn't like me"; "I find him to be obnoxious"; "I found the movie rather entertaining"

feel, sense(verb)

perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles

"He felt the wind"; "She felt an object brushing her arm"; "He felt his flesh crawl"; "She felt the heat when she got out of the car"


be conscious of a physical, mental, or emotional state

"My cold is gone--I feel fine today"; "She felt tired after the long hike"; "She felt sad after her loss"


have a feeling or perception about oneself in reaction to someone's behavior or attitude

"She felt small and insignificant"; "You make me feel naked"; "I made the students feel different about themselves"


undergo passive experience of:"We felt the effects of inflation"

"her fingers felt their way through the string quartet"; "she felt his contempt of her"


be felt or perceived in a certain way

"The ground feels shaky"; "The sheets feel soft"


grope or feel in search of something

"He felt for his wallet"

feel, finger(verb)

examine by touch

"Feel this soft cloth!"; "The customer fingered the sweater"

palpate, feel(verb)

examine (a body part) by palpation

"The nurse palpated the patient's stomach"; "The runner felt her pulse"


find by testing or cautious exploration

"He felt his way around the dark room"


produce a certain impression

"It feels nice to be home again"


pass one's hands over the sexual organs of

"He felt the girl in the movie theater"

an indefinite physical response to a stimulus

the warm feel that fine cashmere gives

to have a vague awareness of

I feel trouble brewing in the town

to come into bodily contact with (something) so as to perceive a slight pressure on the skin

feel this blanket and perceive how soft it is

to come to a knowledge of (something) by living through it

with the birth of their first child the couple came to feel true happiness for the first time

to have as an opinion

I just feel that we haven't explored all of our options for raising funds

to search for something blindly or uncertainly

the sudden blackout had us feeling around in the dark for a flashlight

to give the impression of being

it felt like a good idea at the time

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Example Sentences of feel

I feel bad.

I feel old.

I feel blue.

I feel cold.

I feel fine.

I feel good.

I feel lost.

I feel safe.

I feel sick.

I feel warm.

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Synonyms for feel

tone feeling look tactile property flavour spirit flavor smell looking at pure tone touch life timber olfactory perception timbre sprightliness step tone of voice olfactory property aspect disembodied spirit savor quality tactile sensation whole tone impression touch sensation scent aroma savour opinion belief olfactory sensation sense of smell facial expression odour shade emotional state tonicity sapidity whole step olfaction heart smack tang olfactory modality odor tonus tincture intent tactual sensation expression notion intuitive feeling purport relish looking face musical note liveliness smelling tint note see get know find go through sense have live palpate finger experience receive encounter happen notice ascertain witness bump retrieve recover detect get hold observe find oneself determine chance rule line up regain find out discover obtain incur come up smell out thumb perceive have feeling be perceived be moved be excited be stirred be warmed be wrought up be impressed have the consciousness of being (sorry grieved hurt or the like handle feel of suffer or enjoy have the sense of be affected by be moved by sound try prove put to the test believe think feei fleel meaning am consider view sensation taste endure pass suffer sustain undergo allow conceive deem esteem figure guess hold imagine judge reckon suppose fish fumble grope scrabble act appear come across (as) come off (as) make seem

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Antonyms for feel

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Feel in different languages

  • voel Afrikaans
  • شعر, تحسسArabic
  • duymaq, hiss etməkAzerbaijani
  • адчуваць, чуць, пачуць, адчуцьByelorussian
  • опипвам чувствам усещане съчувствам чувство считам усещам Bulgarian
  • বোধ করাBengali
  • cítit Czech
  • чоутиserbian
  • teimlo Welch
  • føle mærke Danish
  • denken spüren eindruck sich fühlen anfühlen fühlen das gefühl haben gespür gefühl German
  • νιώθω αισθάνομαι Greek
  • senti palpi Esperanto
  • talento creer caricia sentirlo sentir tacto sentirse aspecto parecer tocar idea compadecer Spanish
  • tundma Estonian
  • احساس کردن حس کردن Persian
  • tuntea aavistus tuntuma tuntua kosketus myötätunto#derived terms tunnustella Finnish
  • sensibilité sentir palper penser se sentir toucher French
  • airigh braith Irish
  • הרגישHebrew
  • महसूस करना Hindi
  • santi
  • érez tapint együttérez az az érzése van Hungarian
  • զգալ համարել շոշափել Armenian
  • merasa berasa Indonesian
  • sentarEsperanto
  • finna Icelandic
  • sentire Italian
  • 感じる, 思う, 触れるJapanese
  • გრძნობა Georgian
  • сезуKazakh
  • មានអារម្មណ៍Cambodian
  • 느끼다Korean
  • сезүүKirghiz
  • sentio sentire Latin
  • ຮູ້ສຶກLao
  • pajusti jausti Lithuanian
  • taustīt justies Latvian
  • чувствува Macedonian
  • мэдэрхүйMongolian
  • berasa Malay
  • စမ်းသပ်Burmese
  • følelse, berøring
  • voelen Dutch
  • føle kjenne Norwegian
  • sentirOccitan
  • czuć czuć się mieć uczucie poczuć uważać Polish
  • pensar/crer/achar que sentir tocar parecer apalpar palpar sentir-se tato Portuguese
  • kullayQuechua
  • sentir, santir, santeirRomance
  • simți Romanian
  • нащупывать почувствовать щупать полагать трогать ощущать почуять ощутить чувствовать сочувствовать чуять ощупывать думать Russian
  • sentire, sentiriSardinian
  • osjećati, osećati, осјећати, осећати, осетити, osjetiti, osetiti, осјетитиSerbo
  • දැනෙනවාSinghalese
  • cítiť Slovak
  • čutitiSlovenian
  • ndiej Albanian
  • känsla känna Swedish
  • ҳис карданTajik
  • รู้สึกThai
  • duýmakTurkmen
  • maramdamanTagalog
  • duymak hissetmek Turkish
  • сизәргә, хис итәргә, тояргаTatar
  • чути, відчути, почувати, відчувати, почутиUkrainian
  • محسوس کرناUrdu
  • qilmoqUzbek
  • cảm thấy Vietnamese

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