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Meanings for have

to possess or own

rich person, wealthy person, have(verb)

a person who possesses great material wealth

have, have got, hold(verb)

have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense

"She has $1,000 in the bank"; "He has got two beautiful daughters"; "She holds a Master's degree from Harvard"

have, feature(verb)

have as a feature

"This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France"

experience, receive, have, get(verb)

go through (mental or physical states or experiences)

"get an idea"; "experience vertigo"; "get nauseous"; "receive injuries"; "have a feeling"

own, have, possess(verb)

have ownership or possession of

"He owns three houses in Florida"; "How many cars does she have?"

get, let, have(verb)

cause to move; cause to be in a certain position or condition

"He got his squad on the ball"; "This let me in for a big surprise"; "He got a girl into trouble"

consume, ingest, take in, take, have(verb)

serve oneself to, or consume regularly

"Have another bowl of chicken soup!"; "I don't take sugar in my coffee"


have a personal or business relationship with someone

"have a postdoc"; "have an assistant"; "have a lover"

hold, throw, have, make, give(verb)

organize or be responsible for

"hold a reception"; "have, throw, or make a party"; "give a course"


have left

"I have two years left"; "I don't have any money left"; "They have two more years before they retire"


be confronted with

"What do we have here?"; "Now we have a fine mess"

have, experience(verb)


"The stocks had a fast run-up"


suffer from; be ill with

"She has arthritis"

induce, stimulate, cause, have, get, make(verb)

cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner

"The ads induced me to buy a VCR"; "My children finally got me to buy a computer"; "My wife made me buy a new sofa"

accept, take, have(verb)

receive willingly something given or offered

"The only girl who would have him was the miller's daughter"; "I won't have this dog in my house!"; "Please accept my present"

receive, have(verb)

get something; come into possession of

"receive payment"; "receive a gift"; "receive letters from the front"

suffer, sustain, have, get(verb)

undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)

"She suffered a fracture in the accident"; "He had an insulin shock after eating three candy bars"; "She got a bruise on her leg"; "He got his arm broken in the scuffle"

have, get, make(verb)

achieve a point or goal

"Nicklaus had a 70"; "The Brazilian team got 4 goals"; "She made 29 points that day"

give birth, deliver, bear, birth, have(verb)

cause to be born

"My wife had twins yesterday!"

take, have(verb)

have sex with; archaic use

"He had taken this woman when she was most vulnerable"

a wealthy person

a society that discriminates between the haves and the have-nots

to keep, control, or experience as one's own

my uncle has a sizable collection of black powder rifles

to agree to receive whether willingly or reluctantly we decided that I would have the job of calling the volunteers on the phone

she refused to have him as a husband

to bring forth from the womb

her grandmother had 11 children

to cause to believe what is untrue

he'd been had —the painting was a fake, and he never saw the "art dealer" or his money again

to come to a knowledge of (something) by living through it had a great time at the party

had three operations on her leg

to give permission for or to approve of

I will not have any more nonsense about a party in celebration of my retirement

to influence someone with a bribe

an upstanding judge who could not be had at any price

to keep in one's mind or heart I have never had an unkind thought for him

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Example Sentences of have

I have one.

I have won.

I have $300.

I have cash.

I have eyes.

I have food.

I have news.

I have time.

I have wine.

I have a car.

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Synonyms for have

wealthy person rich person accommodate let take in retain get moderate view as support apply hold back harbour defend take hold make bind deem hold up deliver take own concord check stimulate take for go for receive throw defy control admit harbor halt keep ingest cause obligate carry give adjudge entertain nurse induce birth curb hold restrain feature confine have got arrest possess declare withstand agree book experience suffer contain concur maintain guard oblige keep back accept sustain prevail reserve consume obtain hold in give birth bear sport boast pick up mystify develop draw become scram invite go sire drive engender pay off fix pay back stick feel beat set about get down arrive incur contract bring forth grow dumbfound stupefy start set out live welcome meet bring bewilder see mother buzz off catch beget flummox generate capture find amaze go through baffle start out pose vex aim perplex gravel begin fetch father encounter puzzle know produce convey acquire come bugger off nonplus commence rent lease countenance allow permit require read bring in subscribe to withdraw lead take on assume overhear choose cod learn fill absorb squander necessitate earn demand wipe out assimilate consider need study gather in run through pick out gull collect fool suck gain deal adopt film remove exhaust call for realize down train deplete strike take up pull in use up select engage sop up eat up claim befool devour get hold of suck in take away pack soak up exact submit view take aim shoot dupe direct charter put on eat waste subscribe clear slang watch involve suck up look at postulate ware hire put one across guide occupy put one over ask realise imbibe conduct render move over cast afford dedicate get to devote cave in name confuse shake off sacrifice progress to make up work take a crap drop create shit pass water hit cook arrive at wee wee do spend a penny shed thrust stool build construct founder present open pee wee constitute yield bedevil lay down reach establish piddle return pee pee hurl project pay throw off fuddle form gift ease up prepare attain kick in crap pretend break impart contrive fall in fox confound pass on cast off make believe ca ca feed piss grant score hand bemuse urinate puddle give way contribute befuddle take a shit chip in switch ready defecate micturate make water flip turn over collapse discombobulate commit take a leak seduce pass consecrate relieve oneself nominate throw away leave provoke hasten excite induct shake perk up rush arouse bring on stir energise energize brace shake up live with take over swallow consent ache endure confirm put up digest affirm hurt abide prolong stomach tolerate brook substantiate stand lose stick out nourish nurture corroborate keep up extradite rescue hand over comport surrender behave save fork over fork up expect deport redeem give up turn in pitch cede acquit turn out fork out gestate drive home have a bun in the oven wear be in possession of be possessed of enjoy be seized of be favored with be the subject of regard esteem wish desire be obliged be under the necessity be the parent of got ont han ai ter play fi har capitalist Croesus deep pocket fat cat money moneybags plutocrat silk stocking command bamboozle beguile bluff buffalo burn con cozen deceive delude fake out gaff gammon have on hoax hoodwink hornswoggle humbug juggle misguide misinform mislead snooker snow spoof string along sucker trick taste undergo witness green light bribe buy corrupt square cherish

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Have in different languages

  • hindiAfar
  • tener
  • تملك, ملك, عندك, ل, عندي, عند, امتلك, ديكArabic
  • мець, уByelorussian
  • имам Bulgarian
  • endevout, kaoutBreton
  • tenir Catalan
  • mít Czech
  • имѣтиserbian
  • rhaid wedi cymryd bod gyda i Welch
  • få have skulle Danish
  • haben lassen bekommen sein müssen German
  • έχω Greek
  • havi esti Esperanto
  • haber tener tener que tomar Spanish
  • behar izan, izanBasque
  • داشتن Persian
  • olla täytyä määrätä omata pyytää synnyttää Finnish
  • havaFaeroese
  • avoir devoir prendre French
  • hawweFrisian
  • ag bí Irish
  • bi, aig, gabh, airScots Gaelic
  • terGalician
  • के रखना पास Hindi
  • birtokol bír Hungarian
  • ունենալ Armenian
  • haberInterlingua
  • punya Indonesian
  • hafa Icelandic
  • farsi avere dovere Italian
  • ある, いる, 持つ, 持ってるJapanese
  • ჰყავს ფლობს აქვს Georgian
  • មានCambodian
  • 있다Korean
  • hebûn heyîn Kurdish
  • sum debeo possideo habeō futurus sum habeo quod gressus sum ivi pario usus sum patio teneo servandus sum Latin
  • ມີLao
  • turėti Lithuanian
  • има мора Macedonian
  • байхMongolian
  • ada Malay
  • ရှိ, မှာBurmese
  • krijgen zijn hebben moeten Dutch
  • ha har hat Norwegian
  • averOccitan
  • musieć mieć Polish
  • ter que possuir ter fazer haver de haver Portuguese
  • avair, haver, aveir, averRomance
  • avea Romanian
  • иметь Russian
  • àiri, àere, aiSardinian
  • имати, imatiSerbo
  • mať Slovak
  • imetiSlovenian
  • ka Albanian
  • vara tvungen ha få äga måste Swedish
  • доштанTajik
  • มีThai
  • magkaroónTagalog
  • sahip olmak Turkish
  • повинен, мати, у, вUkrainian
  • پاسUrdu
  • Vietnamese
  • labönVolapuk
  • האָבןYiddish

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