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Meanings for try

to attempt an action

attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try(verb)

earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something

"made an effort to cover all the reading material"; "wished him luck in his endeavor"; "she gave it a good try"

try, seek, attempt, essay, assay(verb)

make an effort or attempt

"He tried to shake off his fears"; "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"; "The police attempted to stop the thief"; "He sought to improve himself"; "She always seeks to do good in the world"

test, prove, try, try out, examine, essay(verb)

put to the test, as for its quality, or give experimental use to

"This approach has been tried with good results"; "Test this recipe"

judge, adjudicate, try(verb)

put on trial or hear a case and sit as the judge at the trial of

"The football star was tried for the murder of his wife"; "The judge tried both father and son in separate trials"

sample, try, try out, taste(verb)

take a sample of

"Try these new crackers"; "Sample the regional dishes"

hear, try(verb)

examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process

"The jury had heard all the evidence"; "The case will be tried in California"


give pain or trouble to

"I've been sorely tried by these students"

try, strain, stress(verb)

test the limits of

"You are trying my patience!"

try, render(verb)

melt (fat or lard) in order to separate out impurities

"try the yak butter"; "render fat in a casserole"

try on, try(verb)

put on a garment in order to see whether it fits and looks nice

"Try on this sweater to see how it looks"

an effort to do or accomplish something

was granted another try at the field goal

to subject (a personal quality or faculty) to often excessive stress

you're trying my patience

to make an effort to do try to unlock the door

will try to call later tonight

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Example Sentences of try

Can I try it?

I can try it.

Let me try it.

I can try that.

Try to stop me.

Can I try it on?

May I try it on?

Try and stop me.

Try to catch me.

I want to try it.

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Synonyms for try

attempt endeavour elbow grease travail exploit feat drive effort movement campaign sweat attack cause enterprise crusade exertion endeavor examine search stress adjudicate strain essay seek look for assay try out prove test try on taste hear set about undertake sample judge render audition rise analyze leaven show testify establish evidence study see probe quiz raise shew screen turn out demonstrate turn up experiment analyse canvass canvas bear witness guess pass judgment gauge label settle estimate resolve pronounce evaluate approximate decide savour smack savor take heed get wind get word listen learn get a line find out discover pick up punctuate strive tense up deform filter out sift reach sieve puree extend filter accentuate separate out emphasise distort filtrate accent tense emphasize supply hand over return depict deliver fork over fork up picture give turn in provide yield fork out furnish translate generate interpret submit whirl stab bash go sampling tasting touchdown afflict castigate chasten chastise correct discipline humble punish purify refine soften subdue aim sound fathom make experiment of make trial of put to the test put to proof experience have knowledge of examine judicially make an effort make essay do all that in one lies strain every nerve leave no stone unturned prosecute tempt attempting ytl bid crack fling offer pass shot trial whack stretch tax

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Antonyms for try

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Try in different languages

  • drie Afrikaans
  • حاولArabic
  • старáцца, паспрабава́ць, спрабава́ць, пастара́ццаByelorussian
  • постаравам се пробвам опитвам Bulgarian
  • চেষ্টা করাBengali
  • provar jutjar intentar esforçar-se tractar de assaig tastar Catalan
  • zkusit zkoušet pokoušet se pokusit se Czech
  • cais profi ceisio Welch
  • afprøve prøve forsøge teste Danish
  • versuchen versuch probieren gericht prozess kosten anlauf German
  • απόπειρα δοκιμάζω δικάζω προσπαθώ πειραματίζομαι Greek
  • provi gustumi testi procesi prilabori Esperanto
  • try juzgar tratar probar ensayo intentar prueba intento Spanish
  • proovima üritama Estonian
  • آزمودن چشیدن کوشیدن پژوهیدن چشش کوشش Persian
  • kokeilu maistelu yrittää syyttää kokeilla koettaa maistaminen Finnish
  • essayer tester s'efforcer tenter traduire en justice tentative essai tâcher goûter French
  • tástáil Irish
  • feuch, feuchainnScots Gaelic
  • השתדל, ניסהHebrew
  • कोशिश करना Hindi
  • փորձ փորձել փորձարկել աշխատել Armenian
  • mencoba mencobai mencicipi Indonesian
  • esforcarEsperanto
  • tentare assaggiare cercare meta prova tentativo provare Italian
  • 試み, 挑戦する, 試みる, 裁判に掛ける, やってみる, 試す, 努める, トライJapanese
  • სინჯვა ლელო დაგემოვნება ცდა Georgian
  • هه‌وڵ هه‌وڵ دان تام کردن تام ئیش له‌سه‌رکردن تاقی کردن Kurdish
  • conor experior Latin
  • mēģināt Latvian
  • cubaan cuba Malay
  • forsøk
  • toetsen proberen proeven uitproberen berechten pogen trachten Dutch
  • forsøk
  • stille for retten forsøke prøve Norwegian
  • próbować starać się próba Polish
  • tentar prova teste experimentar testar acionar esforçar-se autuar processar ensaio tentativa try Portuguese
  • llaqwayQuechua
  • pruver, pruar, empruvar, provarRomance
  • probă testa probare încercare tentativă experimentare strădui încerca se forța gusta judeca Romanian
  • пыта́ться стара́ться попро́бовать про́бовать про́ба попыта́ться постара́ться испыта́ть суди́ть испы́тывать попы́тка Russian
  • pokušaj, pokušati, proba, probati, kušati, isprobatiSerbo
  • pokúsiť sa pokúšať sa Slovak
  • prova testa försöka chans försök Swedish
  • ลอง, พยายามThai
  • teşebbüs etmek denemek Turkish
  • стара́тися, про́бувати, намага́тисяUkrainian
  • cố gắng Vietnamese
  • steifülönVolapuk

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