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Meanings for build

to construct or assemble something

physique, build, body-build, habitus(noun)

constitution of the human body

human body, physical body, material body, soma, build, figure, physique, anatomy, shape, bod, chassis, frame, form, flesh(verb)

alternative names for the body of a human being

"Leonardo studied the human body"; "he has a strong physique"; "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"

construct, build, make(verb)

make by combining materials and parts

"this little pig made his house out of straw"; "Some eccentric constructed an electric brassiere warmer"

build up, work up, build, progress(verb)

form or accumulate steadily

"Resistance to the manager's plan built up quickly"; "Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border"

build, establish(verb)

build or establish something abstract

"build a reputation"


improve the cleansing action of

"build detergents"


order, supervise, or finance the construction of

"The government is building new schools in this state"


give form to, according to a plan

"build a modern nation"; "build a million-dollar business"


be engaged in building

"These architects build in interesting and new styles"


found or ground

"build a defense on nothing but the accused person's reputation"

build up, work up, build, ramp up(verb)

bolster or strengthen

"We worked up courage"; "build up confidence"; "ramp up security in the airports"


develop and grow

"Suspense was building right from the beginning of the opera"

the type of body that a person has

has a slender build

to form by putting together parts or materials

he spent hours building a model airplane from a kit

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Example Sentences of build

I wanted to help Tom build his house.

I hope to build a new house next year.

I like to build bridges.

I had a man build me a house.

I want to build up my vocabulary.

If it snows tomorrow, I will build a snowman.

It cost me a lot of money to build a new house.

I suggest that we should build a new factory there.

I bought a small lot on the hillside in Southern France where I plan to build a retirement home.

We need to build a fire.

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Synonyms for build

chassis flesh form material body human body bod habitus physical body soma body build anatomy physique shape frame figure framing course skeletal system pulp variety kind conformation figure of speech image trope frame of reference haoma underframe strain contour grade systema skeletale general anatomy cast mannikin inning phase mannequin condition skeleton configuration fig variant number digit class pattern name skeletal frame signifier embodiment descriptor manikin public figure sort word form var. design manakin earn create take in pass water piddle relieve oneself score lay down pull in progress to prepare get stool build up hit arrive at cook cause attain fix establish seduce ramp up urinate progress puddle reach fabricate have pee pee pretend shit make pee get to construct throw retrace gain micturate take a shit reconstruct realise work do give crap manufacture induce take a leak hold work up make water ca ca spend a penny wee produce nominate wee wee ready piss make believe take a crap draw bring in defecate clear constitute take realize stimulate make up work out fortify get up come on go on arm come along develop move on shape up pass on march on get along advance gird get on demonstrate ground install found plant base set up instal launch prove institute show shew strengthen enlarge increase erect repair restore raise construct edifices building construction constructing built forge compilation consolidate creating constructed strengthening establishment enhance rely compile generate reinforce establishing creation rebuild foster capitalize promote constitution habit assemble confect piece put up rear

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Antonyms for build

demount disassemble dismantle dismember knock down strike take down tear down

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Build in different languages

  • bou Afrikaans
  • بنىArabic
  • пабудаваць, будавацьByelorussian
  • строя градя телосложение Bulgarian
  • edificar construir Catalan
  • stavět budovat vybudovat sestavení postavit Czech
  • bygge Danish
  • körperbau bau bauen German
  • tuEstonian
  • χτίζω Greek
  • konstrui Esperanto
  • construir edificar Spanish
  • ehitama Estonian
  • ساختن Persian
  • ruumiinrakenne rakentaa Finnish
  • carrure construire édifier French
  • tóg Irish
  • dèanamh, togScots Gaelic
  • בנהHebrew
  • շինել սարքել կառուցել Armenian
  • bangun diri Indonesian
  • konstruktarEsperanto
  • byggja Icelandic
  • edificare costruire Italian
  • 建てる, 建設, 構築, 築くJapanese
  • សង់, កសាងCambodian
  • 만들다Korean
  • دروستکردن Kurdish
  • aedifico Latin
  • celt veidot Latvian
  • гради Macedonian
  • bouw opbouwen bouwen Dutch
  • budować zbudować Polish
  • construir físico Portuguese
  • clădi Romanian
  • строить построить Russian
  • градити, graditi, izgraditi, изградитиSerbo
  • budovať vybudovať Slovak
  • graditiSlovenian
  • hahaSesotho
  • upprätta bygga stegra kroppsbyggnad grunda anlägga bygga upp förfärdiga uppföra öka skapa forma hopa byggnad uppresa build bygge Swedish
  • kujenga Swahili
  • inşa etmek yapmak Turkish
  • будувати, збудуватиUkrainian
  • xây xây dựng Vietnamese
  • bumönVolapuk

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