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Pronounce Offer as OW F F EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for offer

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of offer: | oʊffɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of offer: | ɒffɛr |

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Meanings for offer

to present something to another person for them to have or use

offer, offering(noun)

the verbal act of offering

"a generous offer of assistance"

offer, offering(noun)

something offered (as a proposal or bid)

"noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"

crack, fling, go, pass, whirl, offer(verb)

a usually brief attempt

"he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"


make available or accessible, provide or furnish

"The conference center offers a health spa"; "The hotel offers private meeting rooms"

offer, proffer(verb)

present for acceptance or rejection

"She offered us all a cold drink"

volunteer, offer(verb)

agree freely

"She volunteered to drive the old lady home"; "I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it"


put forward for consideration

"He offered his opinion"

offer, extend(verb)

offer verbally

"extend my greetings"; "He offered his sympathy"


make available for sale

"The stores are offering specials on sweaters this week"

offer, bid, tender(verb)

propose a payment

"The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"


produce or introduce on the stage

"The Shakespeare Company is offering `King Lear' this month"

offer, offer up(verb)

present as an act of worship

"offer prayers to the gods"

put up, provide, offer(verb)

mount or put up

"put up a good fight"; "offer resistance"

extend, offer(verb)

make available; provide

"extend a loan"; "The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages"

propose, declare oneself, offer, pop the question(verb)

ask (someone) to marry you

"he popped the question on Sunday night"; "she proposed marriage to the man she had known for only two months"; "The old bachelor finally declared himself to the young woman"


threaten to do something

"I offered to leave the committee if they did not accept my proposal"

an effort to do or accomplish something

made the usual halfhearted offer to grab the check before his dinner companion could

something which is presented for consideration

a job offer that I couldn't refuse

to put before another for acceptance or consideration

I offered my boss an alternative to the original plan, which would have required me to work overtime

to set before the mind for consideration

offered the idea of a vacation at a beach resort in the Caribbean

to bring before the public in performance or exhibition

a summer theater offering a full schedule of musicals to the vacationing public

to give up as an offering to a god

when fruits, flowers, or crops are offered, the offering is known as a bloodless sacrifice

Example Sentences of offer

Can I offer you a ride?

I have an offer to make.

May I offer you a drink?

Can I offer a suggestion?

Can I offer you guys a ride?

Consider my offer carefully.

I called to offer my assistance.

Can I offer you something to drink?

I can offer you something to drink.

I think I should offer to help Tom.

Synonyms for offer

fling oblation crack whirl go offering pass mountain pass cristal sally strait swirl gap hug drug twisting disco biscuit flip crevice cranny head bye snap notch fissure spin passing game commotion convolution turn chap passing play tour laissez passer quip vortex spree scissure crack cocaine spell wisecrack toss walk twist fracture base on balls ecstasy go game straits liberty chit qualifying passport tornado twirl cracking cleft passing shot propose proffer bid extend offer up declare oneself provide volunteer tender pop the question put up hold out run lead continue poke out unfold stretch out draw out put out carry stretch protract stretch forth reach out exsert gallop expand widen cover prolong strain broaden tenderize entreat press beseech tenderise conjure wish call adjure invite supply digest abide bring home the bacon tolerate put forward support house cater tin can endure post stick out furnish stomach erect allow raise render nominate brook set up allow for leave suffer stand rear contribute domiciliate ply bear suggest aim purport purpose project advise adduce advance affirm allege assert asseverate assign aver cite claim declare introduce maintain plead produce say state exhibit present . present propound show give sacrifice immolate occur present itself be at hand make an offer proposal proposition overture offers deliver provides providing offered provision quotation delivers delivering provided submit assay attempt bash endeavor essay stab trial try whack suggestion trot out bounce pose vote mount stage

Antonyms for offer

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Offer in different languages

  • اقترح, عرArabic
  • предлага́м Bulgarian
  • oferir oferta Catalan
  • nabídka nabídnout Czech
  • udsætte tilbud udbud tilbyde udlove bud udbudsforretning foreslå Danish
  • anbieten offerte angebot antrag vorschlagen vorschlag German
  • προσφορά προσφέρομαι πρόταση προθυμοποιούμαι προσφέρω Greek
  • oferta ofrecer Spanish
  • tarjota tarjous ehdottaa asettaa käyttöön Finnish
  • offre offrir French
  • tairgse, tathainn, tairgScots Gaelic
  • ajánlat felajánl indítványoz kínál ajánl Hungarian
  • tawaran penawaran Indonesian
  • offerta offrire Italian
  • 申し出る, 提供, 提議, 建議Japanese
  • 제의하다Korean
  • offerō Latin
  • piedāvājums Latvian
  • bud, anbud, tilbud
  • aanbieding voorstel indienen presenteren bod vertonen aanbod aanzoek voorstellen aanbieden Dutch
  • tilbod, bod, anbod
  • forslag tilby foreslå Norwegian
  • propozycja oferta proponować oferować zaproponować Polish
  • proposta oferecer oferta Portuguese
  • ofrir, offerta, offrir, offerir, offereirRomance
  • oferi Romanian
  • предложение предлагать предложить предоставлять предоставить Russian
  • oferri, oferriri, oferrereSardinian
  • предложити, предлог, понуда, понудитиSerbo
  • predlog, ponudba, ponuditi, predlagatiSlovenian
  • bud offert erbjuda erbjudande Swedish
  • ఆఫర్Tegulu
  • öneri teklif sunu önermek teklif etmek arz sunmak Turkish
  • phục vụ Vietnamese

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