How to pronounce rugged


Pronounce Rugged as R UW G G EH D.

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Phonetic transcription for rugged

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of rugged: | ruɡɡɛd |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of rugged: | rʊɡɡɛd |

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Meanings for rugged

describing a rough uneven area of land


sturdy and strong in constitution or construction; enduring

"with a house full of boys you have to have rugged furniture"

furrowed, rugged(adj)

having long narrow shallow depressions (as grooves or wrinkles) in the surface

"furrowed fields"; "his furrowed face lit by a warming smile"

broken, rugged(adj)

topographically very uneven

"broken terrain"; "rugged ground"

rugged, tough(adj)

very difficult; severely testing stamina or resolution

"a rugged competitive examination"; "the rugged conditions of frontier life"; "the competition was tough"; "it's a tough life"; "it was a tough job"

able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure

a rugged construction that survived for hundreds of years

difficult to endure

the incredibly rugged conditions that the polar explorers faced

harsh and threatening in manner or appearance

the warrior's rugged features frightened the child

having muscles capable of exerting great physical force

a rugged athlete who's competing in weight lifting in the Olympics

not having a level or smooth surface

rugged terrain that made for slow going

requiring considerable physical or mental effort

even more rugged than most ultramarathons, this one crosses a desert

marked by turmoil or disturbance especially of natural elements

New Hampshire's Mount Washington has some of the ruggedest weather in all of North America

lacking in refinement or good taste

the kind of rugged humor that men have traditionally enjoyed at stag parties

Example Sentences of rugged

I shrugged my shoulders.

Tom must have drugged me.

They kidnapped me, drugged me, and then brainwashed me.

They climbed the rugged north face.

He shrugged his shoulders.

He just shrugged his shoulders.

Rugged in different languages

  • barboso escabroso fuerte violento velludo despelotado vigoroso duro robusto difícil turbulento a lo natural rasposo tosco filudo bravo al lote rudo Spanish
  • epätasainen riipivä hapan takkuinen rosoinen raastava kallioinen myrskyinen vankka karu karkea karski Finnish
  • hargneux rugueux tempétueux solide robuste turbulent irrégulier violent sévère rude French
  • ruvido Italian
  • rugged Latin
  • tuarangarangaMaori
  • potig ruw ruig grof Dutch
  • robust Norwegian
  • грубый щетинистый суровый угрюмый шероховатый строгий пересечённый прочный изрезанный бурный крепкий резкий неровный Russian
  • engebeli Turkish

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