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Pronounce Hard as HH AH R D.

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Phonetic transcription for hard

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hard: | hærd |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hard: | hærd |

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Meanings for hard


difficult, hard(adj)

not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure

"a difficult task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?"



"took a hard look"; "a hard bargainer";


resisting weight or pressure

hard, knockout, severe(adj)

very strong or vigorous

"strong winds"; "a hard left to the chin"; "a knockout punch"; "a severe blow"

arduous, backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, punishing, toilsome(adj)

characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort

"worked their arduous way up the mining valley"; "a grueling campaign"; "hard labor"; "heavy work"; "heavy going"; "spent many laborious hours on the project"; "set a punishing pace"

unvoiced, voiceless, surd, hard(adj)

produced without vibration of the vocal cords

"unvoiced consonants such as `p' and `k' and `s'"

hard, concentrated(adj)

(of light) transmitted directly from a pointed light source


(of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward or touching the velum

"Russian distinguished between hard consonants and palatalized or soft consonants"

intemperate, hard, heavy(adj)

given to excessive indulgence of bodily appetites especially for intoxicating liquors

"a hard drinker"

hard, strong(adj)

being distilled rather than fermented; having a high alcoholic content

"hard liquor"

hard, tough(adj)

unfortunate or hard to bear

"had hard luck"; "a tough break"


dried out

"hard dry rolls left over from the day before"


with effort or force or vigor

"the team played hard"; "worked hard all day"; "pressed hard on the lever"; "hit the ball hard"; "slammed the door hard"

hard, firmly(adverb)

with firmness

"held hard to the railing"


earnestly or intently

"thought hard about it"; "stared hard at the accused"

hard, severely(adverb)

causing great damage or hardship

"industries hit hard by the depression"; "she was severely affected by the bank's failure"


slowly and with difficulty

"prejudices die hard"

heavily, intemperately, hard(adverb)

indulging excessively

"he drank heavily"


into a solid condition

"concrete that sets hard within a few hours"


very near or close in space or time

"it stands hard by the railroad tracks"; "they were hard on his heels"; "a strike followed hard upon the plant's opening"


with pain or distress or bitterness

"he took the rejection very hard"


to the full extent possible; all the way

"hard alee"; "the ship went hard astern"; "swung the wheel hard left"

having or showing a lack of sympathy or tender feelings

a hard man, who never had a kind word for anyone

requiring considerable physical or mental effort clearing land is hard work

a hard exam to pass

able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure

they were forced to import sheep of a harder stock, one that could thrive in the harsh climate

based on sound reasoning or information

do you have any hard evidence that this was once the site of a Native American village?

difficult to endure

the hard life of a migrant farm worker

extreme in degree, power, or effect

a carpet that withstood years of hard wear

given to exacting standards of discipline and self-restraint

a hard disciplinarian who is quick to punish the tiniest violation of the rules

having a consistency that does not easily yield to pressure hard candies

fell on the hard floor and bruised her arm

having been established and usually not subject to change

there isn't always a hard line between right and wrong

having or showing deep-seated resentment

maintained hard feelings toward those who had cheated him

sticking to an opinion, purpose, or course of action in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion

a woman with a hard will who never budged from her chosen path

restricted to or based on fact

that newscast is strictly devoted to hard news, as the producers prefer to leave the gossip to others

with great effort or determination we took a much-needed break after working hard all week

a hard-won victory

with feelings of bitterness or grief

took the news of their grandfather's death hard

in a vigorous and forceful manner hit the ball hard, causing it to soar out of bounds

the wind blew hard all day

at, within, or to a short distance or time

the groom stood hard by, ready to help, as the lady mounted the skittish horse

in a manner so as to cause loss or suffering

the dog had been treated hard by his previous owner

Example Sentences of hard

I had a hard day.

I had a hard time.

I study hard at school.

I worked hard last month.

I find it hard to believe.

I find that hard to believe.

I find this hard to believe.

I know this is hard for you.

I had a hard time getting in.

I know how hard this must be.

Synonyms for hard

severe voiceless arduous grueling tough toilsome concentrated heavy difficult laborious gruelling intemperate knockout punishing unvoiced operose backbreaking surd strong unmanageable wicked grievous serious terrible stark life threatening spartan stern grave austere dangerous sullen ponderous overweight sound wakeless dense with child(p) threatening straining cloggy lumbering large(p) great(p) clayey enceinte fleshy weighed down weighty expectant lowering heavy(a) sonorous impenetrable strenuous heavy(p) big(a) labored profound laboured gravid big(p) leaden unspoken unstated disfranchised unuttered disenfranchised breathed unsaid aphonic unverbalized unverbalised voteless unexpressed saturated potent impregnable substantial unattackable stiff inviolable unassailable solid firm warm secure knotty ruffianly bad rugged sturdy toughened elusive problematic problematical baffling intemperately firmly heavily severely steadfastly unwaveringly securely badly sternly gravely seriously to a great extent intolerable unbearable confusing unfriendly puzzling unambiguous harsh incontrovertible indubitable unequivocal unquestionable hostile stony resistant strict tricky exhausting onerous trying compact unyielding distressing rigorous oppressive exacting unfeeling stubborn forced constrained inexplicable flinty cruel obdurate hardened callous not soft embarrassing perplexing intricate not easily understood fatiguing wearying unkind insensible unsusceptible inflexible hard hearted calamitous painful disagreeable unpleasant inclement stormy tempestuous cold rough sour acid coarse unpalatable unfavorable unprosperous unpropitious unnatural ungraceful excessive close near laboriously diligently earnestly incessantly energetically with difficulty not easily distressfully painfully rigorously vehemently forcibly violently hdd fort duro durum version harshly intensively challenging herd difficile dura tirelessly hard drive rigid paper intensive painstaking strongly dur harder printable intense rock hard difficulty assiduously affectless case hardened cold blooded compassionless desensitized hard boiled heartless indurate inhuman inhumane insensate insensitive ironhearted merciless pachydermatous pitiless remorseless ruthless slash and burn soulless stoney stonyhearted take no prisoners thick skinned uncharitable unmerciful unsparing unsympathetic Augean demanding effortful formidable hellacious herculean killer moiling murderous pick and shovel sweaty tall testing uphill cast iron hard bitten hardy inured stout vigorous commonsense commonsensible commonsensical good informed just justified levelheaded logical rational reasonable reasoned sensible sober valid well founded bitter brutal burdensome excruciating grim hardhanded searing acute almighty blistering deep dreadful explosive exquisite fearful fearsome ferocious fierce frightful furious ghastly heavy duty keen vehement vicious violent authoritarian heavy handed ramrod certain determinate final fixed flat frozen hard and fast inexpugnable set settled stable acrid acrimonious embittered rancorous resentful sore adamant adamantine bullheaded dogged hard nosed hardheaded headstrong immovable implacable inconvincible intransigent mulish obstinate opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded self opinionated self willed stiff necked unbending uncompromising unrelenting willful wilful documentary factual historical literal matter of fact nonfictional objective true amain arduously determinedly doggedly hardly industriously intensely intently mightily purposefully resolutely sedulously slavishly strenuously agonizingly bitterly dolefully dolorously grievously inconsolably lugubriously mournfully plaintively regretfully resentfully ruefully sadly sorely sorrowfully unhappily wailfully woefully wretchedly dynamically explosively forcefully muscularly powerfully roundly stiffly stoutly sturdily vigorously around by in nearby nigh brutally ill oppressively roughly

Hard in different languages

  • صعب, صلبArabic
  • ҡыйын, ҡаты, ауырBashkir
  • цвёрдыByelorussian
  • твърд Bulgarian
  • complicat dura difícil dur Catalan
  • tvrdý těžký obtížný Czech
  • caled anodd Welch
  • vanskelig Danish
  • schwierig stark hart herausfordernd fix fest schwer German
  • δύσκολος Greek
  • severa forta nerefutebla malfacila malmola Esperanto
  • duro difícil fuerte Spanish
  • سخت پایدار سفت مقاوم قوی صلب مشکل دشوار صعب Persian
  • ankara kova vahva rankka vaikea Finnish
  • torførur, strævin, ringurFaeroese
  • dur dure difficile irréfutable fort French
  • crua Irish
  • duilich, garg, cruaidh, doirbh, borbScots Gaelic
  • सख़्त कड़ा कठिन कठोर Hindi
  • difisil
  • nehéz kemény Hungarian
  • ծանր կարծր պինդ դժվար բարդ Armenian
  • forte, dur, difficile, inquestionabile, severInterlingua
  • harda, desfacilaEsperanto
  • hörð hart erfiður harður Icelandic
  • cruda duro difficile Italian
  • 困難, 硬い, 難しいJapanese
  • 어렵다Korean
  • قایم Kurdish
  • helle
  • kieta griežtas sunkus rūstus kietas sunki Lithuanian
  • ciets stiprs grūts smags Latvian
  • tuapaka, tūmārōMaori
  • цврст напорен тежок тврд тврда жесток Macedonian
  • iebesMaltese
  • မာBurmese
  • vanskelig
  • hard moeilijk zwaar onweerlegbare straf kalkrijk harde sterk onweerlegbaar Dutch
  • hard Norwegian
  • nantłʼahNavajo, Navaho
  • ciężki mocny twarda twardy surowy niepodważalny trudny Polish
  • ګران, سخت, کلک, زيږPashto
  • forte difícil duro inquestionável severo bem Portuguese
  • rumiQuechua
  • deir, dir, dürRomance
  • greu dur tare vârtos sever dură Romanian
  • кре́пкий тру́дный твёрдый тяжёлый про́чный тяже́лый Russian
  • duruSardinian
  • тврд, tvrdSerbo
  • tvrdý Slovak
  • tŕdSlovenian
  • fortë Albanian
  • besvärlig hård stark sträng obestridlig svår Swedish
  • ngumu Swahili
  • கடினம் Tamil
  • కఠిన, కఠోర, గట్టిTegulu
  • แข็ง, ยากThai
  • mahirapTagalog
  • sert Turkish
  • тве́рдийUkrainian
  • کٹھن, سخت, کٹھور, کڑا, مشکلUrdu
  • cứng khó khăn khó rắn khốn khó khó tính mạnh Vietnamese
  • deure, deur, målåjheyWalloon
  • שווער, האַרבYiddish

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