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Pronounce Sorry as S OW R R Y.

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Phonetic transcription for sorry

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of sorry: | soʊrrj |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of sorry: | sɒrrʌ |

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Meanings for sorry

remorseful; repentant

regretful, sorry, bad(adj)

feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone

"felt regretful over his vanished youth"; "regretful over mistakes she had made"; "he felt bad about breaking the vase"

deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sad, sorry(adj)

bad; unfortunate

"my finances were in a deplorable state"; "a lamentable decision"; "her clothes were in sad shape"; "a sorry state of affairs"

good-for-nothing, good-for-naught, meritless, no-account, no-count, no-good, sorry(adj)

without merit

"a sorry horse"; "a sorry excuse"; "a lazy no-count, good-for-nothing goldbrick"; "the car was a no-good piece of junk"

blue, dark, dingy, disconsolate, dismal, gloomy, grim, sorry, drab, drear, dreary(adj)

causing dejection

"a blue day"; "the dark days of the war"; "a week of rainy depressing weather"; "a disconsolate winter landscape"; "the first dismal dispiriting days of November"; "a dark gloomy day"; "grim rainy weather"

arousing or deserving of one's loathing and disgust

one more sorry stunt like that and you'll be fired

causing unhappiness

we have sorry news to report tonight

deserving pitying scorn (as for inadequacy)

the ragtag circus was a sorry spectacle indeed

feeling sorrow for a wrong that one has done

she's genuinely sorry for hurting his feelings

feeling unhappiness

was sorry to see the family farm being sold

expressing or suggesting mourning

those sorry rituals that we go through when somebody dies are not for the dead but for the living

deserving of one's pity

some sorry wretch had the task of putting all of those files back in order

Example Sentences of sorry

I feel sorry for her.

I feel sorry for Tom.

I feel sorry for you.

I felt sorry for Tom.

I felt sorry for you.

I felt sorry for the boy.

I just feel sorry for Tom.

I almost feel sorry for Tom.

I hate feeling sorry for myself.

I wanted to tell you how sorry I am.

Synonyms for sorry

speculative deplorable big no account dismal dark disconsolate uncollectible no count good for nothing regretful blue tough no good unfit high risk grim sad risky good for naught lamentable unsound spoilt distressing bad spoiled forged pitiful gloomy drab dingy dreary defective drear meritless hapless reprehensible woeful troubling execrable perturbing miserable worrying criminal vicious disturbing piteous condemnable worrisome misfortunate pitiable poor pathetic wretched distressful rubber black blueish non white gloomful stern unappeasable ghastly moody forbidding relentless raunchy bluish mordant risque gruesome depressed dirty gamey down in the mouth low sinister olive drab muddied unrelenting sullen juicy sulky low spirited saturnine dispirited gamy down(p) grisly naughty unconsolable benighted muddy sober gentle grubby grungy dark skinned aristocratic inconsolable racy somber spicy blue blooded puritanical macabre grimy coloured inexorable puritanic aristocratical glowering morose patrician profane blasphemous sombre glum unforgiving glooming sour blue(a) downcast downhearted dour obscure sick begrimed compunctious unhappy melancholy contrite repentant attritional penitential penitent remorseful heavyhearted apologetic mournful grieved pained hurt afflicted woe begone doleful mortified vexed dejected mean vile shabby worthless SORROWFUL base abject beggarly rascally contemptible despicable paltry painful excuse sorry forgiveness pardon s sorry apologise desolated apology regrettable dorry sorry. cheap cruddy lame lousy nasty ratty scabby scummy scurvy sneaking depressing heartbreaking heartrending saddening tearful teary rueful brokenhearted cast down crestfallen despondent down droopy forlorn hangdog heartbroken heartsick heartsore joyless melancholic saddened sorrowful woebegone aching agonized anguished bemoaning bewailing bitter deploring dolesome dolorous funeral grieving lugubrious plaintive plangent wailing weeping

Sorry in different languages

  • jammer Afrikaans
  • أنا آسفة, عفوًا!, آسف, أنا آسف, آسفة, عذراً!, ماذا قلت؟Arabic
  • bağışlayınAzerbaijani
  • выбачайце, выбачайByelorussian
  • пардон съжалявам извинявай извине́те Bulgarian
  • দুঃখিত, সরি, মাফ করবেনBengali
  • perdó llastimós afligit disculpes Catalan
  • prosím pardon promiňte zarmoucený promiň žalostný Czech
  • undskyld ked af beklager sørgelig Danish
  • verzeihen sie bitte wie bitte wie sorry traurig bitte entschuldigung ich bitte um entschuldigung es tut mir leid armselig entschuldigen sie bitte beklagenswert verzeihung German
  • συγγνώμη Greek
  • discúlpame lo siento disculpe ¿ah perdón cómo pobre perdóname mande ¿eh disculpa Spanish
  • vabandust Estonian
  • پوزش ببخشید معذرت می‌خواهم Persian
  • anteeksi pahoittelen surkea olla sori anteeksipyyntö surullinen pahoillaan Finnish
  • excusez-moi hein pardon excuse-moi désolé navré quoi comment French
  • gabh mo leithscéal tá brón orm brónach Irish
  • tha mi duilich, duilich, b' àill leibh, b' àill leat, truaghScots Gaelic
  • מצטער, סְלִיחָהHebrew
  • माफ़ कीजिए सॉरी Hindi
  • bocsánat elnézést kérek elnézést nem értem tessék bocs sajnál elnézést Hungarian
  • ներողություն կներես ներիր կներեք ներեցեք Armenian
  • maaf Indonesian
  • fyrirgefðu afsakið fyrirgefðu mér Icelandic
  • mi scuso scusa scusi scuse mi scusi Italian
  • מצטערformer Hebrew
  • もう一度, もう一回, 申し訳ありません, 残念, すみません, 遺憾, え, かわいそう, 何, 恐縮, すまない, 失礼しました, ごめんなさい, 気の毒, 申し訳ないJapanese
  • რა უკაცრავად Georgian
  • សូមទោសCambodian
  • 실례, 미안하다, [[죄송]][[합니다]]Korean
  • به‌ڵێ ببووره‌ په‌شیمان خه‌جاڵه‌ت لێبوردن Kurdish
  • mihi ignoscite excusate repete me paenitet doleo excusa mihi īgnōsce meā culpā Latin
  • waat?, spietelik, zörgelik
  • ຂໍໂທດLao
  • atsiprašau dovanokite atleiskite Lithuanian
  • piedodiet Latvian
  • юу гэнээ?, уучлаарайMongolian
  • maaf Malay
  • skużani, skużiMaltese
  • armzalig pardon het spijt me treurig wat zeg je excuseer sorry spijten wat zegt u Dutch
  • lei unnskyld beklager sørgelig Norwegian
  • maanendamOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • przepraszam przykro mi przepraszam słucham przykry żałosny Polish
  • quê foi mal lastimável desculpa perdão perdão hein Portuguese
  • scuzați scuză-mă scuză scuzați-mă îmi pare rău Romanian
  • что что вы сказали пардо́н извиниться плачевный жаль извинить жалкий сожалеющий прошу прощения со́рри просить простить огорчённый Russian
  • izvinite, опростите, извини, molim, oprostite, izvini, извинитеSerbo
  • prepáčte bohužiaľ prepáč Slovak
  • oprosti, oprostiteSlovenian
  • më fal më falni Albanian
  • ledsen förlåt sorglig ledsam ursäkta Swedish
  • மன்னிக்கவும் Tamil
  • ขอโทษThai
  • paumanhin, patawadTagalog
  • özür dilerim pardon üzgünüm affedersiniz üzgün efendim afedersiniz affedersin afedersin Turkish
  • كەچۈرۈڭUigur
  • перепрошую, пробач, пробачтеUkrainian
  • معاف کیجیئے, ساریUrdu
  • xin lỗi Vietnamese
  • 抱歉 Chinese

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