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Meanings for black

of the darkest color, like coal or the sky at midnight

black, blackness, inkiness(noun)

the quality or state of the achromatic color of least lightness (bearing the least resemblance to white)

total darkness, lightlessness, blackness, pitch blackness, black(noun)

total absence of light

"they fumbled around in total darkness"; "in the black of night"

Black, Joseph Black(noun)

British chemist who identified carbon dioxide and who formulated the concepts of specific heat and latent heat (1728-1799)

Black, Shirley Temple Black, Shirley Temple(noun)

popular child actress of the 1930's (born in 1928)

Black, Black person, blackamoor, Negro, Negroid(noun)

a person with dark skin who comes from Africa (or whose ancestors came from Africa)


(board games) the darker pieces


black clothing (worn as a sign of mourning)

"the widow wore black"


being of the achromatic color of maximum darkness; having little or no hue owing to absorption of almost all incident light

"black leather jackets"; "as black as coal"; "rich black soil"


of or belonging to a racial group having dark skin especially of sub-Saharan African origin

"a great people--a black people--...injected new meaning and dignity into the veins of civilization"- Martin Luther King Jr.


marked by anger or resentment or hostility

"black looks"; "black words"

black, bleak, dim(adj)

offering little or no hope

"the future looked black"; "prospects were bleak"; "Life in the Aran Islands has always been bleak and difficult"- J.M.Synge; "took a dim view of things"

black, dark, sinister(adj)

stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable

"black deeds"; "a black lie"; "his black heart has concocted yet another black deed"; "Darth Vader of the dark side"; "a dark purpose"; "dark undercurrents of ethnic hostility"; "the scheme of some sinister intelligence bent on punishing him"-Thomas Hardy

black, calamitous, disastrous, fatal, fateful(adj)

(of events) having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing ruin

"the stock market crashed on Black Friday"; "a calamitous defeat"; "the battle was a disastrous end to a disastrous campaign"; "such doctrines, if true, would be absolutely fatal to my theory"- Charles Darwin; "it is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it"- Douglas MacArthur; "a fateful error"

black, blackened(adj)

(of the face) made black especially as with suffused blood

"a face black with fury"

black, pitch-black, pitch-dark(adj)

extremely dark

"a black moonless night"; "through the pitch-black woods"; "it was pitch-dark in the cellar"

black, grim, mordant(adj)

harshly ironic or sinister

"black humor"; "a grim joke"; "grim laughter"; "fun ranging from slapstick clowning ... to savage mordant wit"


(of intelligence operations) deliberately misleading

"black propaganda"

bootleg, black, black-market, contraband, smuggled(adj)

distributed or sold illicitly

"the black economy pays no taxes"

black, disgraceful, ignominious, inglorious, opprobrious, shameful(adj)

(used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame

"Man...has written one of his blackest records as a destroyer on the oceanic islands"- Rachel Carson; "an ignominious retreat"; "inglorious defeat"; "an opprobrious monument to human greed"; "a shameful display of cowardice"


(of coffee) without cream or sugar

black, smutty(verb)

soiled with dirt or soot

"with feet black from playing outdoors"; "his shirt was black within an hour"

blacken, melanize, melanise, nigrify, black(verb)

make or become black

"The smoke blackened the ceiling"; "The ceiling blackened"

having the color of soot or coal

we adopted a little black kitten

causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer

the Friday of the stock market crash was indeed a black day for the country

not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable

the black deeds of the brigands along the Scottish border

not having a light complexion

a black Irishman, Tyrone Power had the classic looks of a Hollywood leading man

being without light or without much light

on a black night such as this, the imagination runs wild

not clean

don't you dare touch my curtains with those black hands!

a time or place of little or no light

we had to find our way on back roads in the black of night

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Example Sentences of black

I have a black eye.

I drive a black car.

I have a big black dog.

Tom gave me a black eye.

I have brown eyes and black hair.

I want brown shoes, not black ones.

Mary was wearing a black sweater when I met her.

I like tall, beautiful women with long black hair.

I have black eyes.

I like the black shoes.

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Synonyms for black

inkiness pitch blackness blackness blackamoor lightlessness total darkness pitch dark black market shameful dim fatal inglorious grim calamitous blackened fateful dark sinister opprobrious bootleg disgraceful smutty contraband pitch black smuggled ignominious disastrous bleak mordant cutting subdued faint slow dumb dense bare raw wispy desolate stark dull dimmed shadowy barren vague obtuse ominous sullen forbidding dismal moody non white disconsolate threatening coloured glum dark skinned baleful menacing glowering minatory obscure sour drab benighted saturnine sorry gloomy morose dingy dreary dour drear minacious blue portentous foreboding(a) dispirited macabre sick down in the mouth unforgiving low unrelenting stern unappeasable gruesome ghastly downhearted low spirited down(p) downcast erosive relentless corrosive vitriolic depressed inexorable grisly caustic scurrilous abusive scandalous shocking cruddy nasty filthy foul scorch melanize blacken sear nigrify melanise char blacklist darken blackball dusky murky mysterious opaque sable shady somber swart swarthy ebon inky atramentous pitchy cimmerian wicked atrocious villanous heinous flagitious diabolic infernal hellish outrageous monstrous horrible black color mourning black garment negro black man noire noir nero negra montenegro negras nera aswad schwarze slick schwarz lions undeclared halibut triad blk nigger darkness ebony blacked out calico nigga raven cheerless chill Cimmerian cloudy cold comfortless darkening depressing depressive dire dreich elegiac elegiacal forlorn funereal godforsaken gray grey lonely lonesome lugubrious miserable morbid plutonian sepulchral solemn sombre sunless tenebrific tenebrous wretched bad evil immoral iniquitous nefarious rotten sinful unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavory vicious vile villainous wrong brunet brunette caliginous darkened darkish darkling darksome dusk lightless obscured rayless stygian unlit bedraggled befouled begrimed bemired besmirched dirty draggled dusty grimy grotty grubby grungy mucky muddy smudged soiled sordid stained sullied unclean uncleanly candlelight gloaming gloom murk night semidarkness shade shadows twilight umbra

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Black in different languages

  • أسودArabic
  • černá Czech
  • sort Danish
  • schwarz German
  • μαύρος Greek
  • negro Spanish
  • سیاه Persian
  • musta Finnish
  • noir French
  • काली Hindi
  • fekete Hungarian
  • Սեվ Armenian
  • hitam Indonesian
  • nero Italian
  • שָׁחוֹרformer Hebrew
  • Japanese
  • ಕಪ್ಪು Kannada
  • 검정Korean
  • nigrum Latin
  • zwart Dutch
  • svart Norwegian
  • czarny Polish
  • preto Portuguese
  • negru Romanian
  • черный Russian
  • svart Swedish
  • கருப்பு Tamil
  • బ్లాక్Tegulu
  • สีดำThai
  • siyah Turkish
  • чорнийUkrainian
  • سیاہUrdu
  • đen Vietnamese
  • שוואַרץYiddish
  • Chinese

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