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Meanings for straight

moving in one direction; not wavy or bent

heterosexual, heterosexual person, straight person, straight(noun)

a heterosexual person; someone having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex


a poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit)

straightaway, straight(adj)

a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse

straight, consecutive(adj)

successive (without a break)

"sick for five straight days"


having no deviations

"straight lines"; "straight roads across the desert"; "straight teeth"; "straight shoulders"


(of hair) having no waves or curls

"her naturally straight hair hung long and silky"

straight, unbent, unbowed(adj)

erect in posture

"sit straight"; "stood defiantly with unbowed back"


in keeping with the facts

"set the record straight"; "made sure the facts were straight in the report"

straight, square(adj)

characterized by honesty and fairness

"straight dealing"; "a square deal"

uncoiled, straight(adj)

no longer coiled


free from curves or angles

"a straight line"


neatly arranged; not disorderly

"the room is straight now"


not homosexual

true, straight(adj)

accurately fitted; level

"the window frame isn't quite true"

square(a), straightforward, straight(adj)

without evasion or compromise

"a square contradiction"; "he is not being as straightforward as it appears"

neat, straight, full-strength(adj)

without water

"took his whiskey neat"


following a correct or logical method

"straight reasoning"

square, straight(adverb)

rigidly conventional or old-fashioned

directly, straight, direct(adverb)

without deviation

"the path leads directly to the lake"; "went direct to the office"

directly, flat, straight(adverb)

in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly

"he didn't answer directly"; "told me straight out"; "came out flat for less work and more pay"


in a straight line; in a direct course

"the road runs straight"

in a direct line or course

when we got to the airport, we went straight to the baggage claim area

in an honest and direct manner

we gave it to him straight: his performance would have to improve—or he was out

free from irregularities or digressions in course

in the wide, open spaces of the West some rural roads are incredibly straight

conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue

a store owner known and trusted for his straight dealings

free from added matter

would you like that whiskey straight or with soda?

free in expressing one's true feelings and opinions

you should be straight with your boss and tell him that you're not happy with the current situation

going straight to the point clearly and firmly

a politician who can never give a straight answer to questions about his positions

not having one's mind affected by alcohol

I'll drive the car, since I seem to be the only one of us who is straight at the moment

following one after another without others coming in between

I was awake for two straight days

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Example Sentences of straight

I went straight to bed.

I came straight here from rehearsal.

Look, I want to be straight about this.

I think we should go straight to Boston.

I thought you were going to come straight home.

He came straight up to me.

I go straight home after work.

I went straight home from work.

He looked me straight in the eyes.

Tom has always been straight with me.

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Straight in different languages

  • مُسْتَقِيمArabic
  • escala Catalan
  • čistý rovinka přímý přímo postupka Czech
  • straße hetero unverdünnt aufrichtig aufrecht gerade geradeaus German
  • ευθύς ίσιος κέντα σκέτος Greek
  • malgeja rekta Esperanto
  • hetero convencional derecho liso recto directo franco Spanish
  • رک مستقیم Persian
  • suora hetero raaka järjestys heteroseksuaali suoraan laimentamaton kunto vilpitön rehellinen Finnish
  • tout droit hétéro pure droit pur comme il faut rectiligne quinte directement ligne droite French
  • sraith díreach Irish
  • dìreachScots Gaelic
  • सीधा Hindi
  • heteró őszinte egyenes sor Hungarian
  • սթրիթ ազնիվ սթրեյթ ուղիղ Armenian
  • directeInterlingua
  • lurus Indonesian
  • röð beinn Icelandic
  • eterosessuale senza preamboli diretto retto convenzionale in linea non innacquato liscio dritto rettilineo puro Italian
  • 実直な, 真直ぐ, ストレート, 直線, ノンケの, 直列の, ストレートの, 真っすぐにJapanese
  • gerode, riichtLuxembourgish
  • tōtikaMaori
  • искрен отворен право чист исправен правилен прав Macedonian
  • heteroseksual lurus Malay
  • ဖြောင့်, စင်းBurmese
  • rechtdoor pure puur zoals het hoort rechte recht straat Dutch
  • kʼézdonNavajo, Navaho
  • dretOccitan
  • hetero prosty strit Polish
  • direto puro direito straight hétero honesto reta reto em linha reta Portuguese
  • dretgRomance
  • drept Romanian
  • стрейт чистый прямой прямая стрит натурал неразбавленный нормальный правильный прямо гетеросексуал Russian
  • diritu, deretu, daretu, drituSardinian
  • drejtë Albanian
  • rak hetero raksträcka stege rakt fram raka strejt heterosexuell Swedish
  • సూటిగా, తిన్నగాTegulu
  • прямийUkrainian
  • سیدھاUrdu
  • droetWalloon

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