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Pronounce Wicked as W IY K K EH D.

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Phonetic transcription for wicked

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of wicked: | wɪkkɛd |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of wicked: | wɪckɛd |

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Meanings for wicked



morally bad in principle or practice

sinful, unholy, wicked(adj)

having committed unrighteous acts

"a sinful person"

severe, terrible, wicked(adj)

intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality

"severe pain"; "a severe case of flu"; "a terrible cough"; "under wicked fire from the enemy's guns"; "a wicked cough"

arch, impish, implike, mischievous, pixilated, prankish, puckish, wicked(adj)

naughtily or annoyingly playful

"teasing and worrying with impish laughter"; "a wicked prank"

disgusting, disgustful, distasteful, foul, loathly, loathsome, repellent, repellant, repelling, revolting, skanky, wicked, yucky(adj)

highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust

"a disgusting smell"; "distasteful language"; "a loathsome disease"; "the idea of eating meat is repellent to me"; "revolting food"; "a wicked stench"

not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable

a wicked urge to steal just for the sake of stealing

tending to or exhibiting reckless playfulness

a wicked grin on his face when he said that

not giving pleasure to the mind or senses rotting eggs create a truly wicked stench

caused a rash with a wicked itch

causing or capable of causing harm

a wicked insult that deeply hurt his self-esteem for many years

to a great degree

we were wicked excited when our team finally won the pennant after so many years

Example Sentences of wicked

Tom has a wicked sense of humor.

Punish the wicked and save the weak.

The wicked witch cast a spell on the man and turned him into a bug.

The wicked witch cast an evil spell on the man and turned him into an insect.

Murder is a wicked crime.

Cinderella had two wicked stepsisters.

Synonyms for wicked

severe puckish implike repelling terrible loathsome repellent impish yucky arch prankish revolting distasteful mischievous disgustful unholy loathly foul disgusting sinful skanky repellant pixilated satanic diabolic unhallowed demonic iniquitous diabolical fiendish infernal extraordinary ungodly hellish over the top life threatening dreadful austere serious awful frightful horrendous tremendous dire stern grievous atrocious painful grave dangerous dread(a) hard unspeakable horrific dreaded abominable frightening fearsome fearful direful stark spartan knockout condescending arch(a) pissed blind drunk besotted patronising slopped blotto cockeyed crocked patronizing fuddled tight soused sozzled squiffy plastered stiff pie eyed sloshed smashed soaked loaded wet filthy noisome fetid nauseous nauseating marked up sickening dirty unsavoury offensive cruddy rebarbative ill scented foetid vile stinking resistant afoul(ip) smelly cheating(a) foul smelling unsportsmanlike nasty unsporting funky smutty unsavory fouled queasy criminal culpable felonious flagitious guilty illegal immoral nefarious unlawful vicious wrong evil bad godless unjust unrighteous irreligious profane black dark naughty heinous abandoned corrupt depraved unprincipled impious irreverent worthless graceless knavish dishonest roguish trickish TRICKY good for nothing ill outrageous monstrous villanous perverse hyper malicious thug rotten unethical villainous devilish elvish espiègle leprechaunish pixie pixy pixieish rascally scampish sly tricksy waggish bitter disagreeable displeasing harsh icky sour uncongenial unlovely unpalatable unpleasant unpleasing unwelcome yukky adverse baleful baneful damaging deleterious detrimental harmful hurtful injurious nocuous noxious pernicious prejudicial achingly almighty archly awfully badly beastly blisteringly bone colossally corking cracking damn damned dang deadly desperately eminently enormously especially ever exceedingly exceeding extra extremely fabulously fantastically far fiercely frightfully full greatly heavily highly hugely immensely incredibly intensely jolly majorly mightily mighty mortally most much particularly passing rattling real really right roaring roaringly seriously severely so sore sorely spanking specially such super supremely surpassingly terribly that thumping too unco uncommonly vastly very vitally way whacking wildly

Wicked in different languages

  • شريرArabic
  • hustý podlý Czech
  • ond Danish
  • genial toll böse super German
  • κακός Greek
  • muy asombroso bacán malvado Spanish
  • vähän ilkeä pirun siisti pahanilkinen häijy paha Finnish
  • sensass méchant super mortel génial chanmé trop méchante French
  • glûpskFrisian
  • meallta, olcScots Gaelic
  • רשעיםHebrew
  • gonosz Hungarian
  • չար Armenian
  • malvagio malvagia Italian
  • 素晴らしい, 邪悪, 素敵, 凄い, 腕白, 意地悪いJapanese
  • 나쁜Korean
  • malus impius Latin
  • ļauns Latvian
  • kwaadaardig Dutch
  • wicked Norwegian
  • nikczemny podły Polish
  • malvado muito louco bárbaro legal má da hora mau Portuguese
  • hain răutăcios rău Romanian
  • озорной клёвый потрясающий крутой злобный классный злой Russian
  • syndig fett grym grymt fet elak ond Swedish
  • lanetli uğursuz Turkish
  • רשעיםYiddish

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