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Meanings for superior

higher in rank or quality; excellent

superior, higher-up, superordinate(noun)

one of greater rank or station or quality


the head of a religious community

victor, master, superior(noun)

a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

Lake Superior, Superior(noun)

the largest freshwater lake in the world; the deepest of the Great Lakes


a town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth

superscript, superior(adj)

a character or symbol set or printed or written above and immediately to one side of another character


of high or superior quality or performance

"superior wisdom derived from experience"; "superior math students"


of or characteristic of high rank or importance

"a superior ruler"


(sometimes followed by `to') not subject to or influenced by

"overcome by a superior opponent"; "trust magnates who felt themselves superior to law"

superscript, superior(adj)

written or printed above and to one side of another character


having an orbit farther from the sun than the Earth's orbit

"Mars and Jupiter are the closest in of the superior planets"

ranking(a), superior, higher-ranking(adj)

having a higher rank

"superior officer"


(often followed by `to') above being affected or influenced by

"he is superior to fear"; "an ignited firework proceeds superior to circumstances until its blazing vitality fades"

having a feeling of superiority that shows itself in an overbearing attitude

that superior sportscaster lets it be known that he thinks all foreign baseball teams are second-rate

having or displaying feelings of scorn for what is regarded as beneath oneself

the superior attitude of the store owner's son drove the other employees crazy

of the very best kind

a five-star restaurant known for its superior wine list

standing above others in rank, importance, or achievement

a university known for attracting superior scientists and mathematicians

one who is above another in rank, station, or office

if a customer is rude to you, report it to your superior and she'll handle it

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Example Sentences of superior

I think country life is superior to city life in some respects.

Her work is superior to mine.

He is superior to her in math.

His paper is superior to mine.

This cloth is superior to that.

Your pitching is far superior to mine.

This dictionary is superior to that one.

Her watch is superior in quality to mine.

You should not feel superior to other people.

This carpet is superior to that one in quality.

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Synonyms for superior

superordinate word hypernym superordinate victor higher up master superscript professional master key master copy schoolmaster winner original passkey maestro overlord passe partout sea captain headmaster captain lord skipper higher ranking ranking(a) superior(p) august beneficent commanding dignified exalted glorious grand great helpful lofty mighty noble sublime superb higher upper better preferable surpassing loftier excellent remarkable eminent conspicuous high paramount more elevated of higher rank more exalted more dignified more eminent more excellent predominant prevalent senior supérieure supérieur above top superiors best top level tertiary graduate excess supreme supervisor higher level arrogant assumptive bumptious cavalier chesty haughty high and mighty high handed high hat highfalutin hifalutin huffish huffy imperious important lordly masterful overweening peremptory pompous presuming presumptuous pretentious self asserting self assertive sniffy stiff necked supercilious toplofty toploftical uppish uppity disdainful prideful proud A OK A1 awesome bang up banner beautiful blue chip blue ribbon boffo bonny bonnie boss brag brave bully bumper capital choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy divine dope down dynamite fab fabulous famous fantabulous fantastic fine first class first rate first string five star four star frontline gangbusters gangbuster gilt edged gilt edge gone groovy heavenly high class hot hype immense jim dandy keen lovely marvelous marvellous mean neat nifty number one No. 1 numero uno out of sight par excellence peachy peachy keen phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous sensational slick splendid stellar sterling superlative supernal swell terrific tip top top notch top of the line top shelf topflight topping unsurpassed wizard wonderful astral bright distinguished illustrious luminous notable noteworthy outstanding preeminent prestigious redoubtable signal star elder

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Superior in different languages

  • يعلو, اجدرArabic
  • superior Catalan
  • vyšší Czech
  • overlegen Danish
  • höherstehend höher überlegen German
  • ανώτερος Greek
  • supera Esperanto
  • superior Spanish
  • erinomainen yläpuolinen parempi ylempi esimies Finnish
  • supérieur French
  • ardchéimiúil Irish
  • kiváló Hungarian
  • վերին Armenian
  • superiore Italian
  • עליוןformer Hebrew
  • 上等, 貴い, 高い, 優れるJapanese
  • 우수한Korean
  • superior Latin
  • aukštesnio laipsnio vyresnysis ypatingasis viršutinis Lithuanian
  • superieur meerdere beter Dutch
  • overlegen Norwegian
  • superior Portuguese
  • superior Romanian
  • высший старший вышестоящий превосходный верхний превосходящий Russian
  • överlägsen Swedish
  • начальникUkrainian

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