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Pronounce Hot as HH OW T.

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Phonetic transcription for hot

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hot: | hoʊt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hot: | hɒt |

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Meanings for hot


used of physical heat; having a high or higher than desirable temperature or giving off heat or feeling or causing a sensation of heat or burning

"hot stove"; "hot water"; "a hot August day"; "a hot stuffy room"; "she's hot and tired"; "a hot forehead"

hot, raging(adj)

characterized by violent and forceful activity or movement; very intense

"the fighting became hot and heavy"; "a hot engagement"; "a raging battle"; "the river became a raging torrent"


extended meanings; especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm

"a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"


(color) bold and intense

"hot pink"


sexually excited or exciting

"was hot for her"; "hot pants"


recently stolen or smuggled

"hot merchandise"; "a hot car"

blistering, hot, red-hot(adj)

very fast; capable of quick response and great speed

"a hot sports car"; "a blistering pace"; "got off to a hot start"; "in hot pursuit"; "a red-hot line drive"


wanted by the police

"a hot suspect"

hot, spicy(adj)

producing a burning sensation on the taste nerves

"hot salsa"; "jalapeno peppers are very hot"


performed or performing with unusually great skill and daring and energy

"a hot drummer"; "he's hot tonight"


very popular or successful

"one of the hot young talents"; "cabbage patch dolls were hot last season"


very unpleasant or even dangerous

"make it hot for him"; "in the hot seat"; "in hot water"

hot, red-hot(adj)

newest or most recent

"news hot off the press"; "red-hot information"


having or bringing unusually good luck

"hot at craps"; "the dice are hot tonight"


very good; often used in the negative

"he's hot at math but not so hot at history"


newly made

"a hot scent"


having or showing great eagerness or enthusiasm

"hot for travel"


of a seeker; very near to the object sought

"you are hot"


having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity

"hot fuel rods"; "a hot laboratory"

hot, live(adj)

charged or energized with electricity

"a hot wire"; "a live wire"


marked by excited activity

"a hot week on the stock market"

having a notably high temperature

the casserole, just out of the oven, was too hot to eat

being or involving the latest methods, concepts, information, or styles

this spring it's the cool shades of lipstick that are hot

enjoying widespread favor or approval

was surprised to learn that American jazz has long been hot in Russia

marked by bursts of destructive force or intense activity your hot temper is going to get you in trouble

a hot battle for first place in the American League

showing urgent desire or interest

we were hot to get the baseball game started and wished it would stop raining

sexually attractive

my sisters only watched the game because they think the outfielder is hot

feeling or showing anger

you don't have to get all hot about it

moving, proceeding, or acting with great speed

bought a hot new car that should tear up the roadways

of the very best kind

since you're guilty as hell, you'd better get a hot lawyer

having a strong sexual desire

he admitted that the nude photos made him hot

with great speed

workers were working hot and heavy to repair the breach in the levee

Example Sentences of hot

I shot Tom.

Tom shot me.

You shot me.

They shot me.

He shot at me.

Tom shot at me.

I love hot dogs.

I shot the horse.

I want a hot dog.

I ate three hot dogs.

Synonyms for hot

spicy raging red hot live blistering angry tempestuous wild furious virulent sizzling vitriolic voluptuous blistery acerbic juicy sulphurous caustic acrid sulfurous acid luscious bitter toothsome acerb naughty gamy blue racy risque savoury gamey piquant savory zesty alive(p) live(a) bouncy springy unrecorded lively alive resilient fit tasty attractive sexy beautiful cute studly gorgeous foxy yummy pretty handsome hunky lush stolen heated baking boiling sweltering boiling hot sultry temperature feverish tangy radioactive animated anxious ardent burning desirous eager earnest enthusiastic fervent glowing impatient impetuous importunate intense intent keen longing vehement yearning zealous fiery pungent violent scalding irascible excitable passionate hasty choleric fervid sharp biting peppery high flavored high seasoned warm caliente canon heat fever threats threat cannon horny warmer hottie barrel hot spot craze hotspot hot button hot rolled warmth exciting broiling piping hot red roasting scorching searing superheated torrid ultrahot white hot contemporary current designer mod modern modernistic new new age new fashioned newfangled present day space age state of the art ultramodern up to date up to the minute big crowd pleasing du jour faddish faddy fashionable favorite happening in large modish pop popular popularized vogue voguish bang bang blood and guts convulsive cyclonic explosive ferocious fierce hammer and tongs knock down drag out knock down and drag out paroxysmal rabid rough stormy tumultuous turbulent volcanic agog antsy athirst avid crazy enthused excited geeked great greedy gung ho hepped up hopped up hungry juiced nuts pumped raring solicitous stoked thirsty voracious bodacious desirable dishy angered apoplectic ballistic cheesed off enraged foaming fuming hopping horn mad incensed indignant inflamed enflamed infuriate infuriated irate ireful livid mad outraged rankled riled riley roiled shirty sore steamed up steaming teed off ticked wrathful wroth breakneck breathless brisk dizzy fast fleet fleet footed flying galloping lightning nippy quick rapid rapid fire rattling snappy speedy splitting swift whirlwind zippy A OK A1 awesome bang up banner blue chip blue ribbon boffo bonny bonnie boss brag brave bully bumper capital choice classic cool corking crackerjack cracking dandy divine dope down dynamite excellent fab fabulous famous fantabulous fantastic fine first class first rate first string five star four star frontline gangbusters gangbuster gilt edged gilt edge gone grand groovy heavenly high class hype immense jim dandy lovely marvelous marvellous mean neat nifty noble number one No. 1 numero uno out of sight par excellence peachy peachy keen phat prime primo prize prizewinning quality radical righteous sensational slick splendid stellar sterling superb superior superlative supernal swell terrific tip top top top notch top of the line top shelf topflight topping unsurpassed wizard wonderful concupiscent goatish hypersexual itchy lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lubricious lubricous lustful oversexed randy salacious satyric wanton apace briskly chop chop double quick fleetly full tilt hastily hell for leather lickety split posthaste presto pronto quickly rapidly snappily soon speedily swiftly

Hot in different languages

  • حار, ساخن, حرانArabic
  • istiAzerbaijani
  • эҫеBashkir
  • гарачыByelorussian
  • горещ Bulgarian
  • গরমBengali
  • ཚ་པོTibetan
  • calent Catalan
  • horký ostrý Czech
  • poeth Welch
  • lækker varm hot Danish
  • scharf heiß German
  • θερμός ζεστός κάνει ζέστη καυτερός πικάντικος Greek
  • varmega Esperanto
  • caliente caluroso sensual picante muy caliente demandado vivo termonuclear con calentura picoso bueno de moda cargado radioactivo febril tranzado cálido cable Spanish
  • kuum Estonian
  • داغ گرم Persian
  • kuuma polttava haluttu seksikäs tulinen käännetty kuumeinen nyysitty jännitteinen Finnish
  • piquant épicé chouré chaud radioactif bonne faire chaud sexy fiévreux French
  • te Irish
  • tethScots Gaelic
  • quenteGalician
  • akuGuarani
  • חםHebrew
  • गरम गर्म Hindi
  • forró Hungarian
  • տաք Armenian
  • calideInterlingua
  • pedas seksi panas Indonesian
  • varmegaEsperanto
  • heitur Icelandic
  • gnocca caldo figa figo piccante febbrile Italian
  • 暑い, 熱いJapanese
  • pedhes, panas
  • ცხელი Georgian
  • ыстықKazakh
  • 맵다, 덥다, 뜨겁다Korean
  • germ kel گەرم تیژ Kurdish
  • ысыкKirghiz
  • calidus febriculosus mordax acer calidi Latin
  • ຮ້ອນLao
  • ugningas karštas Lithuanian
  • karsts ass Latvian
  • врел жешко жежок врело лута топол лут луто Macedonian
  • халуунMongolian
  • गरमMarathi
  • pedas panas hangat Malay
  • ပူBurmese
  • heet pikant lekker porno warm geil pittig Dutch
  • sexy varm het varmt sterk heit tampen brenner lekker hett Norwegian
  • gorący ostry pikantny Polish
  • تود, ګرم, تودوخي, ګرميPashto
  • gostoso quente radioativo na moda febril vivo em voga picante furtado roubado Portuguese
  • ruphaQuechua
  • fierbinte cald Romanian
  • жаркий лихорадочный жарко горячий острый Russian
  • vruć, врућ, љут, ljutSerbo
  • රස්නෙSinghalese
  • horúci Slovak
  • vročSlovenian
  • nxehtë Albanian
  • tuff het varm fräck kryddstark stulen febrig häftig Swedish
  • వెచ్చగా, మంటగా, వేడైనTegulu
  • доғ, гармTajik
  • ร้อน, ตัวร้อน, มีสเน่ห์, เผ็ดThai
  • yssyTurkmen
  • mainit, nakapapasoTagalog
  • sıcak acı acılı Turkish
  • эссеTatar
  • спекотний, гарячийUkrainian
  • گرمUrdu
  • issiqUzbek
  • cay nóng Vietnamese
  • pitik, hitikVolapuk
  • הייסYiddish

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