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Meanings for add

to join or attach something with another thing

attention deficit disorder, ADD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD, hyperkinetic syndrome, minimal brain dysfunction, minimal brain damage, MBD(verb)

a condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders


make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of

"We added two students to that dorm room"; "She added a personal note to her letter"; "Add insult to injury"; "Add some extra plates to the dinner table"

add, append, supply(verb)

state or say further

"`It doesn't matter,' he supplied"

lend, impart, bestow, contribute, add, bring(verb)

bestow a quality on

"Her presence lends a certain cachet to the company"; "The music added a lot to the play"; "She brings a special atmosphere to our meetings"; "This adds a light note to the program"

add, add together(verb)

make an addition by combining numbers

"Add 27 and 49, please!"

total, tot, tot up, sum, sum up, summate, tote up, add, add together, tally, add up(verb)

determine the sum of

"Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town"


constitute an addition

"This paper will add to her reputation"

to join (something) to a mass, quantity, or number so as to bring about an overall increase the band recently added a saxophonist and a keyboard player to its ranks

add another cup of flour to the mixture

to combine (numbers) into a single sum

when she added all the phone charges herself, she discovered an error in her bill

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Example Sentences of add

I have nothing to add to that.

Please add my name to the list.

I have nothing else to add to that.

Is there anything you want to add to what I just said?

Add it to my bill.

May I add a point?

Add my name to the list.

I add a few finishing touches.

Add a few words before I seal the letter.

Add a little more milk to my tea, please.

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Antonyms for add

abate bate deduct knock off remove subtract take off

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Add in different languages

  • اضاف, جمعArabic
  • дадаваць, дадацьByelorussian
  • разширявам прибавям добавям сумирам Bulgarian
  • sumar afegir Catalan
  • přidat sečíst Czech
  • ychwanegu Welch
  • lægge sammen addere summere Danish
  • addieren hinzufügen German
  • αθροίζω προσθέτω Greek
  • aldoni Esperanto
  • añadir adicionar sumar Spanish
  • lisätä laskea yhteen summata Finnish
  • ajouter additionner faire une addition sommer French
  • הוסיף, חיברHebrew
  • जोड़ना Hindi
  • ավելացնել գումարել հավելել Armenian
  • tambah Indonesian
  • aggiungere Italian
  • 足す, 追加, 加えるJapanese
  • დამატება Georgian
  • 더하다, 더하기하다, 추가하다, 부연하다, 늘리다, 덧셈하다, 합산하다, 보태다, 덧붙이다Korean
  • adde Latin
  • pievienot pielikt Latvian
  • нэмэхMongolian
  • tambah campur Malay
  • żiedMaltese
  • bijtellen optellen toevoegen Dutch
  • dodawać dodać Polish
  • adicionar acrescentar somar Portuguese
  • yapayQuechua
  • adăuga aduna Romanian
  • добавлять добавить прибавлять прибавить Russian
  • додати, сабратиSerbo
  • tillägga summera addera lägga ihop lägga till Swedish
  • dagdagan, idugtongTagalog
  • جوڑناUrdu
  • nói cộng thêm Vietnamese
  • 添加 Chinese

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