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Meanings for conduct

the way one acts or carries themselves

behavior, behaviour, conduct, doings(noun)

manner of acting or controlling yourself

demeanor, demeanour, behavior, behaviour, conduct, deportment(verb)

(behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people

conduct, carry on, deal(verb)

direct the course of; manage or control

"You cannot conduct business like this"

conduct, lead, direct(verb)

lead, as in the performance of a composition

"conduct an orchestra; Barenboim conducted the Chicago symphony for years"

behave, acquit, bear, deport, conduct, comport, carry(verb)

behave in a certain manner

"She carried herself well"; "he bore himself with dignity"; "They conducted themselves well during these difficult times"

lead, take, direct, conduct, guide(verb)

take somebody somewhere

"We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance?"; "He conducted us to the palace"

impart, conduct, transmit, convey, carry, channel(verb)

transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

"Sound carries well over water"; "The airwaves carry the sound"; "Many metals conduct heat"


lead musicians in the performance of

"Bernstein conducted Mahler like no other conductor"; "she cannot conduct modern pieces"

the act or activity of looking after and making decisions about something

the President was happy to leave the conduct of foreign affairs to his secretary of state

the way or manner in which one conducts oneself

a child who has often been scolded for poor conduct

to look after and make decisions about

the company's president continues to conduct the everyday affairs of the software firm he founded many years ago

to cause to move to a central point or along a restricted pathway

the gutter conducts water to the curb, thus protecting the house's basement

to manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way

conducted themselves at the party like perfect ladies and gentlemen

to point out the way for (someone) especially from a position in front

a job conducting tourists through the historical museum

to cause (something) to pass from one to another

a material that conducts heat quite efficiently

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Example Sentences of conduct

The astronaut had to conduct many experiments in the space shuttle.

Tom justified his conduct by saying he was very upset.

A mother is responsible for the conduct of her children.

Your conduct is absolutely shameful.

His conduct was admirable.

His conduct disappointed many of his friends.

Jim got dismissed for his misconduct in office.

Taking all things into consideration, his conduct can be excused.

Metals conduct electricity.

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Synonyms for conduct

demeanour behaviour doings demeanor deportment behavior convey dish out shell out comport apportion plow impart lot behave act up parcel out deal out guide lead continue portion out sell consider take carry on share dispense dole out divvy up deport grapple administer channel deal uphold trade proceed treat contend carry address go on direct allot make out mete out preserve bear on acquit distribute handle care transmit cover cope make do get by manage look at bear conduce place moderate send head target maneuver result point extend aim channelise take aim engineer chair calculate precede manoeuver go manoeuvre pass organize channelize organise leave run top contribute orchestrate mastermind train steer exile digest abide express tolerate act pack have a bun in the oven support sway assoil deliver put up stick out expect assume pay endure take over dribble extradite do transport exculpate stomach birth hold expatriate clear stock have brook yield turn out persuade post suffer discharge stand exonerate gestate contain accept stockpile give birth wear require read occupy subscribe to rent withdraw take on choose learn fill necessitate consume drive hire need study pick out guide on draw contract adopt film remove demand lease take up strike use up select engage make claim get get hold of exact take away call for take in bring submit shoot charter subscribe involve acquire postulate admit ingest ask canalise beam transfer add communicate fetch pass on give bestow broadcast air canalize lend bearing control management guidance storyline action plot oversee supervise belead escort accompany breeding carriage life manner manners direction administration leadership convoy guard deportment (in general or as a matter of habit BEHAVIOR career manner of life course of life command govern preside over regulate perform driving behavioural undertake conducting acts chairmanship realization ethics behaviours misconduct holding conducted behavioral pursue attitude implementation behaviors charge governance government handling intendance operation oversight presidency regulation running stewardship superintendence superintendency supervision actions comportment geste gest administrate keep operate overlook preside (over) steward superintend tend funnel pipe siphon syphon demean quit marshal marshall pilot route show usher spread transfuse

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Antonyms for conduct

follow trail

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Conduct in different languages

  • سلوكArabic
  • ръководене водене държа се ръководство дирижирам отвеждам водя провеждане провеждам ръководя поведение Bulgarian
  • conducta Catalan
  • cunduttaCorsican
  • vést řízení děj dirigovat vedení chování provádění správa zápletka Czech
  • führung führen leiten leitung dirigieren German
  • konduki gvidi Esperanto
  • dirigir comportarse conducir guiar conducta conducción manejar Spanish
  • johtaa toimeenpano saattaa suorittaa opastaa käytös hoitaa käyttäytyä johtaminen Finnish
  • conduite conduire se comporter comportement mener French
  • béasa Irish
  • dol a-mach, giùlanScots Gaelic
  • vezényel Hungarian
  • kelakuan Indonesian
  • duktar, guidarEsperanto
  • comportarsi condotta conduzione condurre comportamento Italian
  • 行動Japanese
  • ڕه‌وشت Kurdish
  • habeo Latin
  • zich gedragen leiden dirigeren geleiden Dutch
  • conduta Portuguese
  • comandare conducere comportament dirijare Romanian
  • управление проводить руководство управлять дирижировать сопроводить вести себя проведение сопровождать провожать поведение руководить Russian
  • cundhuta, condutaSardinian
  • handha leda utförande uppträdande föra ledning förvalta ledsaga uppförande skötsel förvaltning anföra hållning vandel dirigera förrättning sköta beteende Swedish
  • నడుపుTegulu
  • آرکائیوUrdu

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