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Meanings for compact

condensed; compressed

compact, powder compact(noun)

a small cosmetics case with a mirror; to be carried in a woman's purse

covenant, compact, concordat(noun)

a signed written agreement between two or more parties (nations) to perform some action

compact, compact car(adj)

a small and economical car


closely and firmly united or packed together

"compact soil"; "compact clusters of flowers"

compact, heavyset, stocky, thick, thickset(adj)

having a short and solid form or stature

"a wrestler of compact build"; "he was tall and heavyset"; "stocky legs"; "a thickset young man"

compendious, compact, succinct, summary(verb)

briefly giving the gist of something

"a short and compendious book"; "a compact style is brief and pithy"; "succinct comparisons"; "a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject"

compact, pack(verb)

have the property of being packable or of compacting easily

"This powder compacts easily"; "Such odd-shaped items do not pack well"

pack, bundle, wad, compact(verb)

compress into a wad

"wad paper into the box"

compress, compact, pack together(verb)

make more compact by or as if by pressing

"compress the data"

compress, constrict, squeeze, compact, contract, press(verb)

squeeze or press together

"she compressed her lips"; "the spasm contracted the muscle"

having a consistency that does not easily yield to pressure

a mattress with a compact foam core

having little space between items or parts

compact soil that should provide good support for the plant

marked by the use of few words to convey much information or meaning

compact prose without a single wasted word

a formal agreement between two or more nations or peoples

a five-nation compact to control drug traffic

an arrangement about action to be taken

the two made a compact never to artificially prolong the other's life in the event of incapacitating illness or injury

to bring (something) to a central point or under a single control

the media giant decided to compact all of its far-flung operations onto a single site

to reduce in size or volume by or as if by pressing parts or members together

compact the snow into a tight ball for throwing

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Example Sentences of compact

She gave me this compact disc.

I want a compact car with an air conditioner.

Cassette tapes seem to have given way to compact disks in popularity.

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Synonyms for compact

powder compact covenant concordat compact car succinct thickset summary heavyset compendious thick stocky dense duncical duncish wooden headed thickheaded boneheaded loggerheaded blockheaded chummy thick skulled deep buddy buddy thick(p) fatheaded slurred drumhead mob wad pile backpack constrict pack press carry load down tamp tamp down bundle pack together squeeze compress contract take throng jam cluster bunch up jampack bunch bundle up ram clump roll up chock up cram practice bundling fight adjure weigh pressure crush narrow thrust get rack cut foreshorten undertake hale twitch gouge tweet embrace agitate force pinch shove weight lift sign up sign on twinge urge hug shrink concentrate campaign sign abridge reduce condense iron crusade extort stuff urge on beseech squash constringe exhort wring mash coerce bid push bosom wedge entreat shorten squelch abbreviate conjure press out weightlift iron out alliance coalition confederacy confederation federation fusion league partnership union close hard solid firm pithy concise condensed contracted convenient concentrated consolidated concrete agreement stipulation bargain treaty convention pact arrangement consolidate join closely press together compressed pressed together closely put together of firm texture terse laconic sententious short brief pointed full of meaning not loose not verbose not prolix slim thin slimline small footprint space saving iccpr compacted icescr rigid stiff unyielding crowded jam packed packed serried tight aphoristic apothegmatic capsule crisp curt elliptical elliptic epigrammatic monosyllabic telegraphic thumbnail accord deal disposition settlement understanding center centralize concenter polarize unify unite capsulize collapse narrow (down) telescope

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Compact in different languages

  • اتفاقArabic
  • компактен договор споразумение сгъстявам сбивам Bulgarian
  • kompaktní Czech
  • kontrakt pakt kompakt German
  • συμβόλαιο συμπτύσσω συμπεπιεσμένος πυκνός συμπαγής περιεκτικός σύμβαση πουδριέρα συμφωνία συμπυκνώνω Greek
  • compactar compacto acuerdo Spanish
  • جمع و جور Persian
  • tiivis kompakti Finnish
  • compact French
  • comhdhlúthaigh dlúthaigh acht dlúth Irish
  • kishtey poodyrManx
  • קומפקטי, דחוס, דחסHebrew
  • kompakt Hungarian
  • padat Indonesian
  • compatto Italian
  • raungaitiMaori
  • compactificeren compact samenpersen Dutch
  • zwarty Polish
  • compact Romanian
  • договор сделка компактный пакт плотный Russian
  • kompakt Swedish

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