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Pronounce Correct as K OW R R EH K T.

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Phonetic transcription for correct

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of correct: | koʊrrɛkt |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of correct: | cɒrrɛct |

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Meanings for correct

free from error; true; the state of having an affirmed truth

correct, right(adj)

free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth

"the correct answer"; "the correct version"; "the right answer"; "took the right road"; "the right decision"

correct, right(adj)

socially right or correct

"it isn't right to leave the party without saying goodbye"; "correct behavior"

correct, right(adj)

in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure

"what's the right word for this?"; "the right way to open oysters"

right, correct(verb)

correct in opinion or judgment

"time proved him right"

correct, rectify, right(verb)

make right or correct

"Correct the mistakes"; "rectify the calculation"

right, compensate, redress, correct(verb)

make reparations or amends for

"right a wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust"

chastise, castigate, objurgate, chasten, correct(verb)

censure severely

"She chastised him for his insensitive remarks"

compensate, counterbalance, correct, make up, even out, even off, even up(verb)

adjust for

"engineers will work to correct the effects or air resistance"

discipline, correct, sort out(verb)

punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience

"The teacher disciplined the pupils rather frequently"

decline, slump, correct(verb)

go down in value

"the stock market corrected"; "prices slumped"

adjust, set, correct(verb)

alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard

"Adjust the clock, please"; "correct the alignment of the front wheels"


treat a defect

"The new contact lenses will correct for his myopia"

being in agreement with the truth or a fact or a standard

a real brainteaser with only one correct solution to it

following the established traditions of refined society and good taste

painfully correct dress for the state dinner at the White House

marked by or showing careful attention to set forms and details

the correct method for folding the American flag

to remove errors, defects, deficiencies, or deviations from

more time will be needed to correct the computer program

to balance with an equal force so as to make ineffective

hopefully the young entrepreneur's professionalism will serve to correct his partner's extreme enthusiasm in the eyes of investors

to inflict a penalty on for a fault or crime

an insensitive boss who liked to correct subordinates in front of their colleagues

Example Sentences of correct

Correct me if I am wrong.

Please correct my pronunciation.

Please correct my bill.

Tell me the correct answer.

Please correct this copy for me.

This phrase seems correct to me.

Please give me the correct answer.

It took me several hours to correct it.

Please correct me when I make a mistake.

Thank you for helping me correct the situation.

Synonyms for correct

right(a) good proper veracious right ripe right hand(a) refine reclaim regenerate chasten counterbalance adjust redress even out objurgate discipline castigate decline reform even up amend rectify chastise compensate sort out even off remedy repair make up remediate slump set remunerate pay overcompensate recompense indemnify cover pay off tame temper moderate excoriate reprobate decry condemn subdue neutralize patch up countervail fabricate counteract make be reconcile oppose invent catch up with manufacture level represent even comprise conciliate square up cook up flush constitute jog settle classify shed light on crystalise straighten out crystallise sort train separate condition assort class illuminate clear elucidate crystalize crystallize clear up enlighten check reject go down refuse slouch sink worsen slide down wane fall off pass up turn down line up go under dress place prepare mark put localize coiffe fix fructify gear up jell position arrange define specify lay countersink plant determine coiffure do sic coif lay out adapt align ready set up congeal aline limit conform typeset rig pose localise advance ameliorate better cleanse emend improve make better meliorate mend mitigate purify true exact faultless accurate decorous punish set right make right change the quality of precise free from error not faulty correcting correctly ok appropriate correction correctness address well formed fair sound adequate corrects corrected corrective accuracy bang on dead on on target so spot on befitting de rigueur decent genteel nice polite respectable seemly ceremonious formal punctilious starchy stiff stiff necked stilted debug red pencil annul cancel (out) compensate (for) counterpoise make up (for) negative offset penalize

Correct in different languages

  • صحح, صح, صحيحArabic
  • doğruAzerbaijani
  • дөрөҫBashkir
  • правільныByelorussian
  • коректен верен поправям коригирам възпитан правилен Bulgarian
  • correcte corregir Catalan
  • slušný správný opravit korektní Czech
  • cywir Welch
  • korrekt Danish
  • berichtigen einwandfrei richtigstellen ausbessern zutreffend ordnungsgemäß korrigieren richtig nachregeln korrekt German
  • διορθώνω σωστός Greek
  • korekti korekta Esperanto
  • correcto corregir Spanish
  • õige Estonian
  • درست Persian
  • korjata oikaista asiallinen korrekti oikea Finnish
  • correct corriger French
  • beachtaigh ceartaigh Irish
  • cuir ceart, comharraichScots Gaelic
  • correctoGalician
  • תיקן, נכונה, נכוןHebrew
  • सही ठीक Hindi
  • korrekt korrigál hibátlan helyesbít illő helyes kijavít Hungarian
  • ճիշտ կոռեկտ Armenian
  • rétt Icelandic
  • corretto correggere Italian
  • 正しい, 修正, 直す, 訂正, 正す, 正解, 改正Japanese
  • ზუსტი უშეცდომო სწორი Georgian
  • дұрысKazakh
  • ត្រឹមត្រូវCambodian
  • 맞다, 교정, 바르다, 옳다, 정확하다Korean
  • түз, дурус, туураKirghiz
  • ແກ້Lao
  • teisingas Lithuanian
  • pareizs Latvian
  • верен правилен Macedonian
  • betul benarkan betulkan benar Malay
  • မှန်Burmese
  • verbeteren welopgevoed welgemanierd corrigeren juist correct goedgemanierd Dutch
  • corrècteOccitan
  • poprawiać właściwy prawidłowy poprawić poprawny Polish
  • correto corrigir Portuguese
  • corect Romanian
  • воспитанный корректный верный корректировать исправлять исправить правильный Russian
  • ispravan, popraviti, исправан, поправитиSerbo
  • opraviť správny Slovak
  • pravilen, popravitiSlovenian
  • korrekt felfri rätt riktig rätta korrigera Swedish
  • timamu Swahili
  • дурустTajik
  • ถูกThai
  • dürs, dogryTurkmen
  • doğru düzeltmek Turkish
  • виправляти, правильнийUkrainian
  • ٹھیک, صحیحUrdu
  • toʻgʻriUzbek
  • sửa chữa sửa chữa đúng Vietnamese
  • verätikVolapuk

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