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Pronounce Learn as L EH AH R N.

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Phonetic transcription for learn

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of learn: | lɛærn |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of learn: | lɛærn |

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Meanings for learn

to gain knowledge of something

learn, larn, acquire(verb)

gain knowledge or skills

"She learned dancing from her sister"; "I learned Sanskrit"; "Children acquire language at an amazing rate"

learn, hear, get word, get wind, pick up, find out, get a line, discover, see(verb)

get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally

"I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted"

memorize, memorise, con, learn(verb)

commit to memory; learn by heart

"Have you memorized your lines for the play yet?"

learn, study, read, take(verb)

be a student of a certain subject

"She is reading for the bar exam"

teach, learn, instruct(verb)

impart skills or knowledge to

"I taught them French"; "He instructed me in building a boat"

determine, check, find out, see, ascertain, watch, learn(verb)

find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort

"I want to see whether she speaks French"; "See whether it works"; "find out if he speaks Russian"; "Check whether the train leaves on time"

to acquire complete knowledge, understanding, or skill in

after months of trying, he finally learned the dance steps

to come to an awareness of

the directors have since learned that they should examine the company's financial reports a little more closely

to come upon after searching, study, or effort

the police were astonished when they learned the identity of the students who had vandalized the school

to commit to memory

he learned the words to the song while performing karaoke

Example Sentences of learn

I must learn French.

I want to learn how.

I have to learn French.

I need to learn French.

I want to learn French.

I want to learn to swim.

I really did learn a lot.

I want to learn that song.

Why should I learn French?

I like to learn new things.

Synonyms for learn

watch grow ascertain produce larn gain get wind memorize win get word develop acquire evolve instruct get a line find out check study assume get adopt hear discover take pick up read take on con memorise determine teach see turn around ensure collar unwrap key out reveal look experience visualise come upon assure fancy intoxicate go steady distinguish disclose chance upon receive run into light upon escort try perk fall upon lift up uplift reckon give away take heed consider gain vigor name come across elate collect chance on bring out divulge take care let on control insure attend date realize peck interpret meet image gather up strike catch see to it cop listen construe regard visualize describe picture find catch out call for perk up visit identify view project percolate arrest let out realise go out envision happen upon take in nab nail encounter figure examine expose break witness understand detect key run across attain go through notice observe apprehend rook nobble victimize gip goldbrick swindle diddle gyp defraud hornswoggle bunco short change scam mulct require occupy rent withdraw make lead ingest carry meditate scan subscribe to hold choose fill necessitate pick out register have hit the books need say contract deal film remove translate lease train consume take up bring analyze use up select engage drive claim demand get hold of exact take away pack canvas analyse submit canvass take aim shoot aim contemplate direct charter postulate contain subscribe convey involve look at record hire accept guide admit show ask conduct apprise apprize hold in jibe look out tick off square up gibe moderate look on checker condition check out regulate keep an eye on stop chequer fix mold tally define suss out check off check over watch out match check up on look into mark go over hold back specify set decide discipline square off limit correspond curb influence watch over fit check into follow retard crack turn back delay shape settle tick agree mark off imbibe glean gather get a knowledge of acquire skill in be informed of learning learned draw know iearn learnt obtain learns sepa apprenticeship master catch on (to) get on (to) wise (up) descry dig out dig up dredge (up) ferret (out) hit (on or upon) hunt (down or up) locate nose out root (out) rout (out) rummage run down scare up scout (up) track (down) turn up

Learn in different languages

  • leer Afrikaans
  • መማርAmharic
  • تعلم, درسArabic
  • вучыццаByelorussian
  • уча се Bulgarian
  • སྦྱོང་བ, སློབ བསླབས བསླབ སློབསTibetan
  • aprendre estudiar Catalan
  • zjistit dovědět se učit se zlepšovat se studovat dozvědět se poučit se zdokonalovat se Czech
  • lære studere erfare Danish
  • studieren lernen erfahren German
  • μαθαίνω Greek
  • lerni Esperanto
  • aprender enterarse estudiar Spanish
  • omandama arenema õppima Estonian
  • ikasiBasque
  • یاد گرفتن آموختن Persian
  • oppia opiskella tietää opetella saada Finnish
  • vuliFiji
  • læraFaeroese
  • apprendre faire des études étudier French
  • leare, studearreFrisian
  • foghlaim Irish
  • ionnsaich, faigh a-machScots Gaelic
  • למדHebrew
  • सीखना Hindi
  • tanul Hungarian
  • սովորել ուսանել Armenian
  • apprenderInterlingua
  • belajar Indonesian
  • lernarEsperanto
  • læra nema Icelandic
  • imparare apprendere studiare Italian
  • 勉強, 習う, 学ぶJapanese
  • სწავლა შესწავლა Georgian
  • រៀនCambodian
  • 배우다Korean
  • فێربوون فێر بوون سه‌عی کردن خوێندن Kurdish
  • scisco cognosco disco studeo rescisco Latin
  • ຮຽນLao
  • išmokti Lithuanian
  • mācīties Latvian
  • akoMaori
  • कळणे, शिकणेMarathi
  • belajar Malay
  • သင်ကြားBurmese
  • सिक्नु Nepali
  • ervaren vernemen leren op de hoogte gesteld worden studeren te weten komen Dutch
  • lære Norwegian
  • íhoołʼaahNavajo, Navaho
  • uczyć się Polish
  • estudar aprender descobrir que ficar sabendo Portuguese
  • yachayQuechua
  • învăța studiu afla Romanian
  • учиться учить изучать узнать Russian
  • ඉගෙනගන්නවාSinghalese
  • učiť sa dozvedieť sa Slovak
  • učiti seSlovenian
  • lära reda Swedish
  • நேர்படு-தல் நேர் Tamil
  • నేర్చుకొను, తెలుసుకొనుTegulu
  • ศึกษา, เรียนThai
  • öğrenmek Turkish
  • учитисяUkrainian
  • سیکھنا, سیکھتے ہیںUrdu
  • 學 học tập 學習 học Vietnamese
  • lärnönVolapuk
  • aprindeWalloon
  • 學習 Chinese

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