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Pronounce Full as F UW L L.

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Phonetic transcription for full

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of full: | full |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of full: | fʊll |

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Meanings for full

containing as much as something is capable of holding having no leftover space

full moon, full-of-the-moon, full phase of the moon, full(adj)

the time when the Moon is fully illuminated

"the moon is at the full"


containing as much or as many as is possible or normal

"a full glass"; "a sky full of stars"; "a full life"; "the auditorium was full to overflowing"

entire, full, total(adj)

constituting the full quantity or extent; complete

"an entire town devastated by an earthquake"; "gave full attention"; "a total failure"

full, total(adj)

complete in extent or degree and in every particular

"a full game"; "a total eclipse"; "a total disaster"

full, replete(p)(adj)

filled to satisfaction with food or drink

"a full stomach"


(of sound) having marked deepness and body

"full tones"; "a full voice"

full, good(adj)

having the normally expected amount

"gives full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"

broad(a), full(a)(adj)

being at a peak or culminating point

"broad daylight"; "full summer"

wide, wide-cut, full(verb)

having ample fabric

"the current taste for wide trousers"; "a full skirt"


beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening

"full the cloth"


make (a garment) fuller by pleating or gathering

wax, full(adverb)

increase in phase

"the moon is waxing"

fully, to the full, full(adverb)

to the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`full' in this sense is used as a combining form)

"fully grown"; "he didn't fully understand"; "knew full well"; "full-grown"; "full-fledged"

to a full extent or degree

waited until it was full dark to launch the attack

to a great degree

he knew full well that what he was doing was wrong

as stated or indicated without the slightest difference

full in the center of the square stands an enormous statue of the city's founder

a complete amount of something

the account is now paid in full

containing or seeming to contain the greatest quantity or number possible at the start of the game everyone was full of energy and hope

the boy's bedroom is full of sports trophies and medals

of the highest degree even at the age of eighteen he hadn't reached his full height

a boat going at full speed

having one's appetite completely satisfied

even the heartiest eaters are sure to be full when they leave that restaurant

covering everything or all important points

a full analysis of the problems facing our cities today

having an abundance of some characteristic quality (as flavor)

the dessert had a rich, full chocolate flavor

having an excess of body fat

she should have a hairdo that complements her full face

including many small descriptive features

a very full description of the city's cultural offerings

not lacking any part or member that properly belongs to it

a full deck of cards

Example Sentences of full

My briefcase is full of papers.

I want a full report before 2:30.

I take full responsibility for this.

Can you give me your full name, please?

I will accept full responsibility for this.

I want my children to reach their full potential.

I am full of doubt.

You have my full support.

My basket is full of books.

Give me a full glass of water.

Synonyms for full

full of the moon full phase of the moon full moon entire broad(a) wide good wide cut total full(a) replete(p) intact integral dear right in effect(p) skillful sound serious effective upright salutary in force(p) skilful practiced dependable estimable expert secure beneficial proficient honest respectable undecomposed unspoilt ripe just safe adept honorable well(p) near unspoiled panoptic all encompassing extensive all inclusive spacious encompassing broad wide of the mark all embracing across the board blanket(a) wide eyed wax rise mount climb amply to the full fully in full abounding abundant adequate affluent ample bounteous bountiful complete copious enough exuberant generous large lavish liberal luxuriant overflowing plenteous plentiful profuse replete rich sufficient teeming filled well stocked or provided satiated sated glutted cloyed saturated perfect loud deep strong clear distinct comprehensive capacious quite to the same degree completely exactly precisely directly thicken and cleanse fully fledged whole full fledged plenary entirely kamel plein totally thorough wholehearted all detailed plenty complements full absolute comprehensively wholly all round lots exhaustive maximum plenum entirety fullest full scale pleine completes overall adequately unqualified any midst all of all over altogether clean dead even fast flat heartily out perfectly plumb soundly thoroughly through and through utterly well achingly almighty archly awful awfully badly beastly blisteringly bone colossally corking cracking damn damned dang deadly desperately eminently enormously especially ever exceedingly exceeding extra extremely fabulously fantastically far fiercely filthy frightfully greatly heavily highly hugely immensely incredibly intensely jolly majorly mightily mighty monstrous mortally most much particularly passing rattling real really roaring roaringly seriously severely so sore sorely spanking specially stinking such super supremely surpassingly terribly that thumping too unco uncommonly vastly very vitally way whacking wicked wildly due sharp smack dab squarely aggregate sum sum total summation totality brimful brimming bursting chockablock chock full chockful crammed crowded fat jammed jam packed loaded packed stuffed greatest top topmost utmost utter satiate surfeited all in broad gauge broad gauged compendious cover all cyclopedic embracive encyclopedic global in depth inclusive omnibus panoramic universal big concentrated full bodied heady lusty muscular plush potent robust blubbery chubby corpulent fleshy gross lardy obese overweight plump podgy portly pudgy roly poly rotund round tubby blow by blow circumstantial elaborate minute particular particularized compleat grand

Full in different languages

  • volle vol Afrikaans
  • مليء, ممتلئArabic
  • tamAzerbaijani
  • поўныByelorussian
  • наситен пълен цялостен сит цял нахранен интензивен тепам Bulgarian
  • leunBreton
  • complet total tip ple sencer Catalan
  • kompletní sytý úplný nasycený plný celý zasycený Czech
  • пльнъ, сꙑтъserbian
  • llawn Welch
  • mæt fuldtonet fuldstændig komplet fyldt op fuld vid fyldt stampe valke Danish
  • vollständig satt voll gesamt komplett ganz German
  • πλήρης γεμάτος Greek
  • plena tuta sata Esperanto
  • lleno completo satisfecho entero Spanish
  • پر سیر پر شده Persian
  • täydellinen täynnä kokonainen väljä täysi täyteläinen kylläinen koko vanuttaa täydellisyys huovuttaa Finnish
  • complet rassasier entier plein repaitre total French
  • folFrisian
  • lán líonmhar iomlán Irish
  • lìonta, làn, luaidhScots Gaelic
  • cheoGalician
  • lane, tuck, giallee, walkManx
  • מלאHebrew
  • पूर्ण Hindi
  • plen
  • tele teljes Hungarian
  • ամբողջական լի կուշտ ամբողջ լիքը Armenian
  • penuh kenyang lengkap menyeluruh Indonesian
  • fullur Icelandic
  • completo satollo pieno intero sazio intenso totale sodare Italian
  • מלאformer Hebrew
  • 完全, 一杯, 緩い, まる, 満々, たっぷり, ゆったり, いっぱいJapanese
  • kebak
  • 부르다, 완전한, 무두질하다Korean
  • پڕ têr تێر tijî temam tev fire tije Kurdish
  • лыкKirghiz
  • plenus Latin
  • vollLuxembourgish
  • pilnas Lithuanian
  • pilns Latvian
  • whiuMaori
  • полн Macedonian
  • penuh Malay
  • mimli, sħiħMaltese
  • ဝ, ပြည့်Burmese
  • verzadigd wijd vol ruim volledig zat Dutch
  • komplett vid full fullstendig hel mett Norwegian
  • hadéébįįdNavajo, Navaho
  • plenOccitan
  • pełny cały syty Polish
  • بشپړ, ټول, موړ, ډکPashto
  • completo cheio total inteiro satisfeito Portuguese
  • plagn, plein, plainRomance
  • plin întreg sătul complet total săturat terminat umple deplin Romanian
  • целый полный сытый насыщенный Russian
  • prenu, pienu, plenuSardinian
  • пун, punSerbo
  • plný Slovak
  • polnSlovenian
  • plot Albanian
  • waregSudanese
  • fullständig mätt full fullödig Swedish
  • முழு Tamil
  • మొత్తము, అధిక మొత్తము, సంతృప్తి, సంపూర్ణము, పూర్తిTegulu
  • เต็มThai
  • dolu tok tam Turkish
  • повнийUkrainian
  • مکملUrdu
  • đầy đủ đầy Vietnamese
  • פולYiddish
  • 充分 Chinese

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