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Meanings for switch

to change the direction or position of

switch, electric switch, electrical switch(noun)

control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit

substitution, permutation, transposition, replacement, switch(noun)

an event in which one thing is substituted for another

"the replacement of lost blood by a transfusion of donor blood"


hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair; used by women to give shape to a coiffure


railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections; used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock


a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment


a basketball maneuver; two defensive players shift assignments so that each guards the player usually guarded by the other

switch, switching, shift(verb)

the act of changing one thing or position for another

"his switch on abortion cost him the election"

switch over, switch, exchange(verb)

change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence

trade, swap, swop, switch(verb)

exchange or give (something) in exchange for

switch, shift, change(verb)

lay aside, abandon, or leave for another

"switch to a different brand of beer"; "She switched psychiatrists"; "The car changed lanes"

switch, change over, shift(verb)

make a shift in or exchange of

"First Joe led; then we switched"

throw, flip, switch(verb)

cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation

"switch on the light"; "throw the lever"


flog with or as if with a flexible rod

interchange, tack, switch, alternate, flip, flip-flop(verb)

reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)

a long thin or flexible tool for striking

struck the horse's hide with a leather switch, and it took off at a gallop

a quick jerky movement from side to side or up and down

that telltale switch of the cat's tail meant there was a mouse under the piano

a hard strike with a part of the body or an instrument

in frustration, he gave the mule a sharp switch on the rump, but it still wouldn't budge

to give up (something) and take something else in return switched the real grapes for fake ones

switched the day of his flight from Thursday to Friday

to move from side to side or up and down with quick jerky motions

cows lazily switching their tails and chewing their cud

to strike repeatedly with something long and thin or flexible

switched the stagecoach horses to control the direction they took

to change (as an opinion) to the contrary

a politician who has switched his position on a number of issues

to strike repeatedly

the loose rigging switched the mast during the storm

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Example Sentences of switch

I felt for the light switch in the dark.

May I switch on the light?

May I switch off the light?

Will you switch seats with me?

I heard you are planning to switch majors.

Switch on the light.

Can you tell me when to switch the machine off?

Can I switch over from a sightseeing visa to a business one?

Would you like to switch seats?

Be sure to switch off the television before you go to sleep.

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Synonyms for switch

shift electrical switch replacement electric switch switching transposition substitution permutation reversal refilling replacing exchange commutation renewal replenishment surrogate heterotaxy successor alternate substitute work shift fault displacement duty period shift key shifting sack chemise break geological fault faulting shimmy teddy slip transformation transmutation fracture change throw interchange replace tack commute switch over flip flop flip trade convert change over swap swop merchandise deal trade in sell budge careen agitate alter wobble lurch reposition vary stir tilt pitch modify transfer deepen dislodge fuddle confound twitch flick fox confuse bedevil cast off thrust have make cast leaf sky riffle give riff bemuse hold befuddle thumb shake off throw off toss throw away flip over turn over contrive drop bewilder flip out hurl discombobulate project shed tack together put together transpose piece append hang on tack on understudy counterchange baste wear round set up jump assemble take turns tag on crop option specifier flag points bastinado batter beat belabor bruise castigate chastise conquer cudgel defeat flog overcome pommel pound scourge smite spank strike surpass thrash vanquish whip worst rod twig stick birch SWINGE switches modifier breaker swtich switchover toggle sw commutator wrench switcher button flogger lash swish wag waggle whisk bang bash bat belt biff blow bop box buffet bust chop clap clip clout crack cuff dab douse fillip hack haymaker hit hook knock larrup lick pelt pick plump poke punch rap slam slap slug smack smash sock stinger stripe stroke swat swipe thud thump thwack wallop welt whack wham whop whap cowhide flagellate flail hide horsewhip leather rawhide slash tan whale reverse bludgeon bung up club curry do drub fib hammer lace lambaste lambast lather maul mess (up) paddle pummel punch out rough (up) slate slog thresh tromp whup work over

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Antonyms for switch

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Switch in different languages

  • skakel punt Afrikaans
  • сыбыҡBashkir
  • interruptor opció agulla Catalan
  • zhasnout vypínač vyměnit přepínač rozsvítit rožnout výhybka Czech
  • schalten wechseln schalter netzwerkweiche weiche spießrute switch verteiler tauschen austauschen German
  • διακόπτης αλλάζω Greek
  • ŝalti vergi vergo Esperanto
  • cambiar switch conmutador interruptor intercambiar latigazo aguja Spanish
  • etengailuBasque
  • سویچ Persian
  • vaihde puhelinkeskus vaihtaa keskus argumentti katkaisija vipu kytkeä vitsa puhelinvaihde lippu kytkin Finnish
  • changer interrupteur échanger badine commuter fouetter French
  • lasc Irish
  • chanje
  • cambiar, commutator, excambiar, cambio, commutarInterlingua
  • cambiare passare scambio centralino verga switch picchiare opzione parametro interruttore argomento scambiare migrare commutare Italian
  • スイッチ, ポイント, 開閉器Japanese
  • გადართოთ Georgian
  • 포인트, 스위치Korean
  • slēdzis žagars pārmija Latvian
  • сменува свртница прачка шалта развод прешалтува прекинувач разменува Macedonian
  • tukar suis Malay
  • twijg schakelaar spitsroede wissel Dutch
  • svitsj sentral prylestokk bryter pens Norwegian
  • wyłącznik zwrotnica przełącznik Polish
  • agulha central telefónica vergasta interruptor trocar mudar comutador switch on vergastar açoitar switch açoite chave vara aparelho de mudança de via Portuguese
  • comutator întrerupător comuta schimba selector punct Romanian
  • стрелка хлыст коммутатор Russian
  • skretnica, prekidač, korbač, sklopkaSerbo
  • vymeniť Slovak
  • stikalo, kretnicaSlovenian
  • pikë Albanian
  • växel slå byta stänga piska ändra strömbrytare knäppa brytare switch växla spö släcka koppla tända Swedish
  • swichi Swahili
  • స్విచ్చిTegulu
  • nokta Turkish
  • xivchin, vikluchatelUzbek
  • ngắt điện công tắc Vietnamese

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