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Meanings for slow

someone that is not imaginative or quick thinking


not moving quickly; taking a comparatively long time

"a slow walker"; "the slow lane of traffic"; "her steps were slow"; "he was slow in reacting to the news"; "slow but steady growth"


at a slow tempo

"the band played a slow waltz"

dense, dim, dull, dumb, obtuse, slow(adj)

slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity

"so dense he never understands anything I say to him"; "never met anyone quite so dim"; "although dull at classical learning, at mathematics he was uncommonly quick"- Thackeray; "dumb officials make some really dumb decisions"; "he was either normally stupid or being deliberately obtuse"; "worked with the slow students"


(used of timepieces) indicating a time earlier than the correct time

"the clock is slow"

boring, deadening, dull, ho-hum, irksome, slow, tedious, tiresome, wearisome(adj)

so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness

"a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"

dull, slow, sluggish(verb)

(of business) not active or brisk

"business is dull (or slow)"; "a sluggish market"

decelerate, slow, slow down, slow up, retard(verb)

lose velocity; move more slowly

"The car decelerated"

slow, slow down, slow up, slack, slacken(verb)

become slow or slower

"Production slowed"

slow, slow down, slow up(adverb)

cause to proceed more slowly

"The illness slowed him down"

slowly, slow, easy, tardily(adverb)

without speed (`slow' is sometimes used informally for `slowly')

"he spoke slowly"; "go easy here--the road is slippery"; "glaciers move tardily"; "please go slow so I can see the sights"

behind, slow(adverb)

of timepieces

"the clock is almost an hour slow"; "my watch is running behind"

moving or proceeding at less than the normal, desirable, or required speed because of the holiday, traffic to the beach was particularly slow

slow readers

not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily

we love our bulldog though he's a little slower than our German shepherd

lacking in gaiety, movement, or animation

a slow day on Wall Street

causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest

the first half of the movie is slow, but then it gets exciting

at a pace that is less than usual, desirable, or expected

you need to go slow with this experiment, or you'll make mistakes

to cause to move or proceed at a less rapid pace

if you don't slow your delivery down a bit, your speech will be over too soon

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Example Sentences of slow

I bought a slow cooker.

Tom told me to slow down.

My business is slow right now.

I like the slow rhythm of that song.

I want to see the scene in slow motion.

I am slow to adapt myself to new circumstances.

Can you remember how slow the Internet used to be?

Tom is slow to anger.

Tom decided to slow down.

You may want to slow down.

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Synonyms for slow

wearisome dull obtuse deadening boring irksome dim tedious dumb tiresome dense sluggish ho hum vague muted subdued faint mute thudding black silent wispy heavy purblind muffled impenetrable dimmed speechless shadowy softened bleak thick leaden windy wordy verbose long winded torpid soggy sulky inert decompress delay slack check unwind loosen up slow up decelerate unbend retard slacken relax slow down remit let up slack off abate slack up slake die away slowly easily tardily behind soft easy lento late belatedly in arrears behindhand dilatory tardy gradual dull witted inactive slothful hinder moderate deliberate dawdling delaying drowsy lingering procrastinating lazy unready not swift not rapid not speedy stupid not alert not prompt not ready lens slow moving lenta time consuming slowness low low speed slow motion slowing lengthy slows lenses lent crawling creeping dallying dillydallying dragging laggard lagging languid leisurely poking poky pokey snaillike snail paced unhurried airheaded birdbrained bonehead boneheaded brain dead brainless bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dim witted doltish dopey dopy dorky dunderheaded empty headed fatuous gormless half witted knuckleheaded lamebrain lamebrained lunkheaded mindless oafish opaque pinheaded senseless simple slow witted softheaded thick witted thickheaded unintelligent unsmart vacuous weak minded witless comatose dead sleepy arid colorless drab dreary drudging dry dusty flat humdrum jading jejune mind numbing monochromatic monotonous numbing old pedestrian ponderous stale stodgy stuffy tame tiring uninteresting weary wearying laggardly pokily sluggishly brake

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Slow in different languages

  • بطيءArabic
  • яйBashkir
  • павольныByelorussian
  • бавен Bulgarian
  • lent Catalan
  • pomalý Czech
  • araf Welch
  • langsom Danish
  • dumm langsam German
  • καθυστερημένος αργώ αργός βραδύνω βραδύς αργόστροφος ανέτοιμος σταματώ αργόσυρτος Greek
  • malrapida Esperanto
  • lento lentificar lentificarse ralentizar ralentizarse atrasado enlentecer frenar Spanish
  • geldiBasque
  • آهسته Persian
  • jätättää hidastaa jäljessä hidas hidastua Finnish
  • ótíttur, pjakutur, putlutur, høsnutur, døllutur, seinur, drúgvur, seinførur, seinpjakuturFaeroese
  • lent freiner ralentir lente French
  • slaodach, mallScots Gaelic
  • איטיHebrew
  • धीमा सुस्त Hindi
  • lassú Hungarian
  • դանդաղ Armenian
  • perlahan lambat pelan Indonesian
  • lentaEsperanto
  • tardo tarda lento lenta Italian
  • ゆっくり, 鈍足, とろい, 遅いJapanese
  • ნელი Georgian
  • 느린Korean
  • له‌سه‌ر خۆ هێواش Kurdish
  • tardus lentus Latin
  • luesLuxembourgish
  • lēns Latvian
  • бавен забавува Macedonian
  • langzaam ophouden slome traag langzame sloom vertragen Dutch
  • langsom langsomt langsomme Norwegian
  • chʼééhNavajo, Navaho
  • lentOccitan
  • powolny wolny Polish
  • lento devagar Portuguese
  • încet Romanian
  • медленный Russian
  • spor, спорSerbo
  • pomalý Slovak
  • počasenSlovenian
  • långsam Swedish
  • aste pole Swahili
  • నిదానముTegulu
  • ช้าThai
  • yavaş Turkish
  • повільний, нуднийUkrainian
  • chậm chậm chạp Vietnamese
  • nevifikVolapuk

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