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How to say curb


Pronounce Curb as K UW R B.

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Phonetic transcription for curb

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of curb: | kurb |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of curb: | cʊrb |

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Meanings for curb

something that holds back or limits

curb, curbing, kerb(noun)

an edge between a sidewalk and a roadway consisting of a line of curbstones (usually forming part of a gutter)

curb, curb bit(noun)

a horse's bit with an attached chain or strap to check the horse

American Stock Exchange, AMEX, Curb(noun)

a stock exchange in New York

bridle, check, curb(verb)

the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess

"his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper"

control, hold in, hold, contain, check, curb, moderate(verb)

lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits

"moderate your alcohol intake"; "hold your tongue"; "hold your temper"; "control your anger"

suppress, stamp down, inhibit, subdue, conquer, curb(verb)

to put down by force or authority

"suppress a nascent uprising"; "stamp down on littering"; "conquer one's desires"


keep to the curb

"curb your dogs"

restrict, curtail, curb, cut back(verb)

place restrictions on

"curtail drinking in school"

something that limits one's freedom of action or choice

these international regulations act as a curb on the plundering of a nation's archaeological treasures

to keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level (as of expression)

try to curb your curiosity when it comes to your neighbors' business

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Example Sentences of curb

Please give me some kind of medicine to curb the pain.

The committee called on all nations to work side-by-side to curb air pollution.

What natural foods help curb the appetite?

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Synonyms for curb

curbing curb bit check kerb bridle impediment baulk cheque stay confirmation tick hitch chip handicap assay stoppage balk check out procedure bank check tab chit halt deterrent check mark hinderance hindrance substantiation stop arrest verification checkout crack ensure mark hold in jibe verify gibe mince make declare lead tick off view as carry book operate concur have maintain master hold moderate sustain learn checker check out match stamp down conquer retain nurse defy condition assure tame cut back guard prevail manipulate comprise break suss out check off withstand adjudge suppress accommodate check up on control look into ascertain harbour insure soften go over reserve hold back give take hold train go for see conceal take deem incorporate support find out obtain discipline apply chasten check over restrict bind tone down have got entertain subdue temper correspond command restrain keep concord keep back oblige fit throw keep in line check into tally enclose contain bear inhibit determine hold up retard take for turn back harbor chequer delay watch defend see to it confine chair admit curtail obligate agree mark off capture get over crush quash keep down surmount bottle up crucify subjugate reduce seize subordinate mortify appropriate oppress overcome repress bring down qualify throttle trim down flash back prune cut trammel trim back lop trim cut down cut short clip bound limit snip crop dress direct govern influence manage mold reign reign over rule sway cohibit CHECK restraint curb stone put under restraint keep under sidewalk stem rein combat brake pavement counter dampen deter circumscription constraint fetter limitation restriction stricture constrain measure pull in regulate rein (in)

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Antonyms for curb


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Curb in different languages

  • спирачка слагам юзда обуздаване обуздавам юзда Bulgarian
  • hemmen mäßigung zwang beschränkung beherrschen bändigen kandare einschränken mäßigen beherrschung einschränkung zurückhalten zurückhaltung German
  • bordillo Spanish
  • restreindre endiguer French
  • srianScots Gaelic
  • नियंत्रण Hindi
  • frenare tenere a freno Italian
  • intomen beteugelen Dutch
  • укрощать сдерживать Russian

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