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Meanings for went

moved; proceeded

being in a state of fitness for some experience or action

all systems are go

a practice or interest that is very popular for a short time

snowboarding is all the go

active strength of body or mind

a healthy six-year-old full of go

an effort to do or accomplish something

it took several goes to get the car started

readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity

a young executive with the go to make this company grow

to move forward along a course

everything is going according to our plans

to leave a place often for another will go on vacation at the end of the year

decided it would be better to go before she got any angrier

to be fitting or proper

at Mardi Gras, just about anything goes

to be in agreement on every point

your account of how the fire started doesn't go with what she said

to be positioned along a certain course or in a certain direction

the highway goes right along the river

to eventually have as a state or quality she goes crazy on the dance floor when they start playing 1980s pop

the room went dark

to fall down or in as a result of physical pressure

watched the building go after the demolition crew detonated the charges

to have or be in a usual or proper place

these plates go in this cabinet

to lose bodily strength or vigor

when you get old, your eyesight starts to go

to make one's way through, across, or over

I went the length of the street before finding an empty parking space

to occur within a continuous range of variation

selling prices for houses in that neighborhood generally go between one and two million

to risk (something) on the outcome of an uncertain event

to play in this game of poker, you have to be willing to go at least five dollars per round

to have in mind as a purpose or goal

I didn't go to fire the gun—it just went off

to come to an end

we were having so much fun that the evening just came and went

to have enough money for

I think I can go for the new car after all

to put up with (something painful or difficult)

I can't go the smell of that rotting food for one more minute

to stop living

her grandmother went peacefully last night

to turn out as planned or desired

we tried very hard to get the food cooperative to go, but it never really worked out

to have a price of

those cars go for $25,000

to use or seek out as a source of aid, relief, or advantage

when the sales representative refused to help us, we went to the store manager

to take pleasure in

I could go for a cold beer right about now.

to have a favorable opinion of

I hope they go for my proposal.

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Example Sentences of went

I went home.

I went there.

I went twice.

I went aboard.

I went hiking.

I went inside.

I went fishing.

I went for help.

I went to sleep.

I went to Boston.

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Synonyms for went

travelled visited came was farted walked alwaysstayed headed traveled left became entered moved fit prepared ready set buzz chic craze dernier cri enthusiasm fad fashion flavor hot ticket last word latest mode rage sensation style ton trend vogue beans bounce brio dash drive dynamism energy esprit gas get up and go ginger gusto hardihood juice life moxie oomph pep punch sap snap starch verve vigor vim vinegar vitality zing zip assay attempt bash bid crack endeavor essay fling offer pass shot stab trial try whack whirl action aggressiveness ambition enterprise hustle initiative advance come come along do fare forge get along get on go along go off march pace proceed progress bail bail out begone book bugger off bug off bug out buzz (off) clear off clear out cut out depart dig out exit get get off move pack (up or off) part peel off pike (out or off) pull out push off push on quit run along sally (forth) scarper shove (off) step (along) take off vamoose walk out befit beseem serve suit accord agree answer check chord cohere coincide comport conform consist correspond dovetail harmonize jibe rhyme rime sort square tally bear extend head lead lie run become grow turn wax buckle cave (in) collapse crumple founder give go out implode tumble yield belong decay droop emaciate fade fail flag lag languish sag sink waste (away) weaken wilt wither course cover cross cut (across) follow navigate pass (over) perambulate peregrinate proceed (along) track transit travel traverse range vary bet gamble lay play put stake wager aim allow aspire calculate contemplate design intend look mean meditate plan propose purport purpose break off break up cease close conclude dead end determine die discontinue elapse end expire finish halt lapse leave off let up stop terminate wind up wink (out) afford swing abide absorb accept bide brook countenance endure hack handle meet pocket stand stick out stomach support sustain sweat out take tolerate wear check out conk (out) croak decease demise drop fall flatline kick in kick off pass (on) pass away peg out perish pop off step out succumb click come off deliver go over pan out succeed work out bring cost fetch sell (for) consult refer (to) resort (to) turn (to) adore delight (in) dig enjoy fancy get off (on) groove (on) like love rejoice (in) relish revel (in) savor savour approve (of) care (for) favor OK okay subscribe (to)

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Went in different languages

  • ذهبArabic
  • ging German
  • πήγε Greek
  • fue Spanish
  • andato Italian
  • 行ったJapanese
  • gikk Norwegian
  • fui Portuguese
  • отправился Russian
  • சென்றார் Tamil
  • వెళ్లినTegulu
  • gitti Turkish
  • געגאנגעןYiddish
  • Chinese

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